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    • I was thinking of an “if everything worked as it should” scenario.  I agree with your previous statements, it’s certain underserved communities or uneducated (not in a bad way) parents may not be able to afford or detect certain underlying issues. I was thinking of the worst case scenario. Let’s say the curve flattens enough to where camp can be held. I don’t think councils will close camps if part C was the only issue. There would probably be something in place. That’s just my take, who knows.  Yes, you mentioned BSA in their mess of issues going on right now. We can assume all we want but there’s so many directions BSA can go in. 
    • I'm sorry but this is not the reality in many corners of our country that are not affluent. Sometimes the only times kids with underlying issues are picked up is when they have a mandatory physical. 
    • Sorry for your loss, God bless.
    • Is there any point going to this type of meeting if one isn’t on one of the national committees? Are these really just for people who are “in the know” or on a committee?
    • I have a friend who has been an SE, and is now a volunteer in a couple areas. I will ask. 
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