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    • In a strict sense of Authority=Power, I will agree that the COR has whatever "authority" it thinks it needs because there's no one that can tell them no.  But I think it's very important for people to keep in mind that just because you have the power to do something doesn't make you the authorized agent/actor in a particular situation.  And I don't think that's just an issue of rationalization or sophistry.  Sometimes in many areas of life we may have to make decisions and take actions that don't follow the established program, and if the situation requires it, fine.  But we should never forget when we do something like that, that we aren't doing things the right way.  That's really all I was trying to say.  Specific to the OP's case, there's nothing anyone can do to stop the COR from behaving like the Lord of the Calendar, but that doesn't mean the people around him/her should ever let the COR think that's the "right" (per the program) way to do things.
    • Just got back from a 72 mile canoe trip on the Buffalo River in Arkansas with our Sea Scouts.  It was quite the experience.  It was a long drive there and a long time paddling but it was quite the experience.  We even got buzzed by a Bald Eagle. Best part was my son's Instagram post:  "We all had a great time except for some near death experiences but it was totally worth it!😅😎"
    • I leaned on my scouts a little here.   I told them to pick a good patrol name,  a name that meant something to them,  a name that they would be happy to keep for a long time (years).   I told them that they could design the artwork for their own patrol patch so that they could have a good patrol patch.  (I also made fun of some of the existing patrol patches available from Class B and elsewhere:  the flaming nuclear biohazard something-or-others.) Then I watched to see what they would come up with.  (They had had a couple of months to think over their patrol name before the decision time.  Though some scouts had started thinking of patrol name ideas before the troop was formed.) They ended up (with no prodding by me)  choosing a very traditional patrol name.  They, collectively, came up with many reasons why it was a great name -- including that it was the name of one of the patrols of girls that showed up at the Crystal Palace boy scout rally in 1909.        
    • I'm not sure if it is allowed in this Forum, but I have over 500 extra leathercraft stamps that I'm looking to trade for other leathercraft stamps that I need. In most cases you will get more stamps than you trade to me. I'm not interested in cash transactions.  Just trade. We each pay our own shipping. I use these working with both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. I put them in order by manufacturer, but some stamps may not have the manufacturer shown on the back of the stamp.  However, each manufacturer uses the same numbers so make sure both the number and description match. Here is what I need: Scout Related:      Wood Badge Stamps           8410 or 8544 Axe & Log           8413 Buffalo           8414 Antelope           8415 Bear           8416 Owl           8417 Bobwhite           8419 Eagle      The 4 Girl Scout Stamps (8483, 8484, 8485, 8486)      OA Stamps (8508, 8511, 8411, 8545)      BSA Eagle Stamps (8506 and 8543)  Craftool:      8381 YMCA Indian Guide      8389 Sports Car      8395 Boat Steering Wheel      8396 Beaver      8401 Leather Hide "Made in USA"      8432 Swimming Duck      8433 Goose      8447 Armadillo      8448 Roadrunner      8478 Cowboy/Horse/Lasso      8480 Bull Rider      8488 Barrel Racer      8511 Sword in Bible      8516 Motorcycle      8522 Flying Saucer      8523 Flag of Israel      8524 Star of David      8527 Eternal Flame      8528 Dreidel      8529 Menorah      8530 Shofar Horn      8532 2 Finger Peace Sign      8533 Celtic Cross      8536 Rearing Horse      8537 Running Wild Horse      8538 Eagle with Talons      8539 Roaring Bear      8541 Smiley Face      8542 Ying/Yang The Leather Factory:      8501 Eagle Head      8502 Deer Head      8503 Horse Head      8504 Cougar Head      8505 Tiger Head      8507 Wolf Head      8508 Buffalo Head      8510 Ram Head      8517 Eagle on a Branch      8522 Ram      8524 Moose Standing      8526 Deer      8530 Wolf      8531 Butterfly      8539 Oval Design Concho      8540 Wild Cat      8545 Eagle Head      8546 Bear      8548 Praying Hands Midas:      8234 Wild Boar      8299 Wood Duck      8307 Deer Family      8339 Kangaroo with Joey      8344 Religious Fish      8347 Flower      8368 Leopard      8375 Semi Truck      8379 Cowboy Boots   Please let me know if you have any of these. Please contact me with what you have and what you want to trade for and I will send you a list of what I have to trade. Thanks, Dale
    • Thank you. Our frame work is not well balanced unfortunately. The troop has become divided into what feels like two separate groups.  The structure has broken down. Council has been notified... we are leaving after summer camp, 4 adults and 4 or 5 boys out of a small unit of 11. It's a shame really, but after trying for 6+mo I am done.
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