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    • There should have been two magazines.  All of this program change is in the name of growth.  Grow then.  Make a new magazine, have some cross-over content, and then have some content specific to girls and boys wants.  Feature male heroes in Boys' Life and female heroes and role models in Life for Girls.  Changing everything to neutral is lazy circling of the wagons.  
    • I'm taking my boys and some troop mates orienteering today!   it's some First Class stuff. 
    • There is no debate, my response to your demeaning choice of word does says something about my religious beliefs and something I can’t change. Homophobic is a derogatory trigger word that says no tolerance of homosexual behavior. Many religions believe homosexuality to be immoral. Members of those religions have no choice no matter how they feel about it. I can see that offends you, but I’m sure even your religion teaches a behavior of tolerance. That you can’t think of a better choices of words exposes your anger and bias. Sore winner?  Ive learned over years that more often than not choosing silence makes a more powerful statement and reflects maturity.  Barry
    • No, Barry, it’s just accurate. Policies that ban and exclude people based on their sexual orientation are homophobic. It doesn’t have to be religiously motivated. If you interpret the word “homophobic” to be anti-religious, well, that says more about your religious preferences than anything. My religion and the faiths of many people I know and work with practices inclusion, not exclusion. You and your faith are not affected by the BSA’s LGBT-inclusive policies in any way, shape or form. I have no idea what other, better words I could have used to describe the antiquated BSA policies that barred gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth and leaders from joining and serving. What would you have chosen? But I don’t mean to start an I&P debate. That fight is over, and in my opinion, the right side won. It will take a while for the BSA to rise past the old and misguided policies of years past in the public’s mind. Right now, both sides distrust the organization. But I believe that those changes and opening the program to girls is a change absolutely for the better.
    • Well, that a pretty anti religious statement. Ironically it also suggests an exclusive program as well.  So many unbias (friendly) words could have been chosen to make the same point. Barry
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