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    • Doesn’t powderhorn function as a more advanced outdoor skills course?
    • I am not aware of one. At least not officially. 
    • There have been a couple references in this thread to A-IOLS. Is there an advanced version of that training currently?
    • I dont think those who have issues with wB believe the scouters who have taken the course are not dedicated, or do not have the desire to be better scouters. I percieve the issue to stem from the idea that wB training is the pinnacle of all scouter training. For me, this is where the disconnect arises. wB is good training, but it in no way meets the standard that it aspires to be. This is not necessarily the wB program, but the inexperienced folks taking the course. Most just don't have the pre-requisite experience and training to fully benefit from a top level training. Hence my suggestion for training levels. If the concept of levels was too much like "rank" then ditch it. The main point is that too many scouters are basically starting and ending with wB. There needs to be significant training and experience for a scouter leading up to what is claimed to be the pinnacle of training. If not, we are putting the whipped cream and cherry on top of nothing.
    • I'm in favor of more and better training for Scouters.  I've written about that before.  I'd really like to see for each major position (SM, ASM, MC, CM, DL) a more significant program of training to get you ready.  Not just position training -> IOLS -> Wood Badge.  I would think that the programs need to be tailored to the role. i.e., as a CC it's only tangentially relevant to my role to send me through wilderness plant identification training.  The Wood Badge topic I always find funny.  About 90% of the Wood Badge comments I read are from non-Wood Badge Scouters complaining about the course and those that have taken it.  I'm well aware that most of us have met a Scouter somewhere that was a jerk and decided to get beaded.  I'm saddened by those people.  In my travels, that vast majority of Wood Badge Scouters I know are dedicated Scouters who took Wood Badge in the hopes of being a better Scouter.  
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