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    • I don't think selling off a scout camp should be regarded as a feather in his cap.
    • Yes, our Council is pushing that very thing.
    • You heard it here first.  Marc Ryan is one of the best young talents in the Scouting profession. He will go far in Scouting and will be one of the people who helps lead us into the new "format" that develops in the post-bankruptcy years.  He is a businesslike guy in some respects, but an absolute program enthusiast who inspires he pros and the volunteers around him.  I don't know anything about this particular transaction, but reading just the comments in the last few weeks it seems like the post-combination Council  needed to right-size the property operation.  Good luck to the folks on Lake Erie!
    • Update 6/1/2020 from Lake Erie Council ...This past Saturday, May 30, 2020, Kiko Auctioneers held that auction on behalf of the Lake Erie Council. The auction resulted in $1,649,700 which was designated by the board to be invested into the remaining council properties or to fund significant programs in the future. These funds ensure that that the goal of those visionary leaders from ninety years ago will continue to live on. Funding future projects is not the only legacy that Stigwandish will leave. Over the past months, groups of volunteers and staff have been dismantling, packing, and moving program equipment, shelters, and memorabilia from Camp Stigwandish to Beaumont Scout Reservation... Lake Erie Council SE Marc Ryan https://lecbsa.org/news/2020/6/2/updates-on-scouts-bsa-resident-camp-and-camp-stigwandish
    • Here is what my pack did for Cub Scout Advancement. We did Weblos Crossover in February before shelter in place orders were issued. I'd skip the face paint this year.  GREETINGS!Here is our Social Distancing Plan for this year's CROSSOVER!Our goal is for each Scout to be able to be present in the same location as our Cubmaster as they receive any Adventures, Awards, and Ranks they have earned, and don the uniform components of their newly earned Rank.Being sensitive to our current climate of Social Distancing, we will do this one scout at a time, outside, at the Church Parking Lot.Each rank will have a specific arrival time. The Cubmaster will be by the church door/awning ready with your Scout's achievements.You will wait in your cars in line, and then drive up through the circle drive area.One adult and the Scout will step out of the car, wearing a mask.The Adult and the Scout must be wearing a mask to step out of the car.They will be handed their awards and rank.They will have the opportunity to change into their new neckerchief and slide, or new uniform shirt (as rank appropriate).We will be taking photos of each Scout.There will be no handshakes, hugs, elbow bumps, etc. The only contact will be handing the bag of awards to the Adult or Scout.If you have multiple Scouts in your family we encourage your entire family to come at one time. We will just have only one Scout get out of the car at a time. You do not need to return at a different time for a different ranked Scout.Please come at a time that works for your family between 5:30 and 8pm.Our recommended schedule for the evening is:Current Lions: 5:30pmCurrent Tigers: 6:00pmCurrent Wolves: 6:30pmCurrent Bears: 7:00pmCurrent Webelos: 7:30pm  
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