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    • You have clearly missed the point. Again, if a female scout or scouter wore a string bikini there would be a public outcry but a kid wearing tights showing off his backside and frontside is just fine?  Ok, if thats the case DROP THE STANDARD  and everyone wears what they want. Let the ladies wear the DasynDukes and halter tops, guys can wear speedo bathing suits, and everything goes.   BSA is trying to gain members and those representing the BSA should present a positive first impression.   I wonder how many managers, supervisors and executives would turn a blind eye to an employee dressing in that style.  I also wonder how many parents who linked that style to the BSA would consider allowing their children to become part of an organization that is so represented.  Again appropriate is appropriate and inappropriate is inappropriate.   No one wants to address the other examples that I mentioned so I guess they would be OK, or would those around would scream like a trash can full of cats.  It is not a jump from uniforms to safety issues.  We shouldn't pick and choose what rules we follow and what rules we don't.   So what if someone steps outside wearing a Scout uniform in full view of the public and fires up a cigar?  What if a young person wears Scout shorts and a t-shirt with a swastika proudly displayed, is that ok as long as they are articulate and intelligent?  If individuals won't follow the rules and there are no consequences then why establish the rule?  To throw a little more gas on the fire, the OA Sash in not SUPPOSED to be worn with a t-shirt but apparently thats another thing that is a rule that doesn't really matter.  Where is the line?  Is there a line? Or do we conduct business based on suggestions.  That is a personal question that everyone must answer for themselves.  If the standard doesn't matter then drop the standard and relax.
    • Search “golfing in a tutu.” Brace for impact.
    • I just hope that those that would put someone to the grinding wheel due to their interpretation of something in the GTA or even what something means, would chill a bit.  Also hope that most rational Scouters will have the sense, maturity, and integrity to not embasrass a scout over something like this and instead, if that important to them seek out and discuss with the unit leader(s).  Even an aside meant to simply make a youth think a bit can come off wrong and cause issues.  I learned years ago to not chastize a youth for something that is not dangerous or likely to cause harm, especially uniform stuff.  I jokingly asked a Star Scout at camp what lodge the "tote-n-chip" was since he had that patch where the OA flap is in theory supposed to be placed.  He was upset, as I embarassed him, though I suspect he also knew what I meant.  At chow that evening I was taken to the woodshed by a very annoyed leader from that unit.  I did apologize to them as best I could, but it was really not worth the outcome.  Since then, I only correct or annoy my own youth.  
    • Some camps (at least Owasippe and maybe another) I have heard of have a camp / campsite for this. It is hard work, but, nothing stopping you. 
    • If you don't have the ubiquitous "for the price of a single cup of coffee per month" for your unit, why are you asking about marketing?  Everything has a cost, be it fliers, radio spots, or FB ads. At $5/month, a webpage is likely the cheapest opportunity you will find. Our local newspaper charges $12 per column inch of black and white text, which few people will see. Our meet-up page cost $180/year. The cheapest radio spot in my area is $22 for 30 seconds. Want to hand out bookmarks at events like the county fair? That's $50 for the vendor permit, $135 for bookmark printing, and probably $250 for the graphics, though you can use the design for years. Heck, at Staples, 100 black and white fliers will still cost $19. There are no magic marketing bullets and certainty not for less than $5/month.
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