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    • "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence."  It also doesn't say there isn't a relationship between those that are born with two eyes and those that commit crimes but I bet the correlation is higher than those that use drugs and commit crimes. Because the study doesn't say it doesn't exist, we might want to start poking out everyone's extra eye based on that absence of evidence. We can clearly infer that there is a correlation between having two eyes and crimes. Good thing correlation isn't the same thing as causation.  
    • Maybe. It’s two different nonprofits and have no ties to each other so I guess it wouldn’t count as one CO.
    • AIDS to SCOUTMASTERSHIP - original 1920 pamphlet.  Can use zoom to easily read it even with my old eyes.  Can be printed. https://issuu.com/scoutingireland/docs/aidstoscoutmaster   "SCOUTING IS A GAME for boys, under the leadership of boys, in which elder brothers can give their younger brothers healthy environment and encourage them to healthy activities such as will help them to develop CITIZENSHIP [emphasis in original].” 
    • We do this every year when we have new parents come in to the troop. We walk them through everything and even invite them to attend our plc meeting and the annual planning. They love to see us at work and I think it really shows them what the older scouts can do. 
    • But it doesn’t say there isn’t a relationship either. 
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