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Guide to Safe Scouting "Coed Overnight Activities Policy" is this new?

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    Back to the Permission Slip for youth... When I was a kid, we had a teenager run away from home and join a camp out. He agued with his father and then failed to show up at home after school. Father didn't know where he was and didn't know we were out on a camping trip.
    Now that I am a scouter, I get the parents to sign the in at the parking lot before each trip.Ath that time they get a copy of where to find us and we get a contact number from them.


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      double post.(This message has been edited by wingnut)


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        Overnight rules for coed Venturing are not decided on by Venturing but by the same morons that brought you the G2SS who think you have to tell the advisors not to let the boys and girls sleep in the same tent or bed. On our crew coed outings the girls tent in a seperate area from the boys with the adults in two rows in the No Mans Land inbetween.

        If we are in a building the adults have adjoining rooms to the youth but our adults do not sleep in the same rooms as the kids for obvious reasons. We usually have one male and one female advisor available in the area on shifts should something come up. Our teens however know what is expected of them and in all these years there has never been one problem on any of our outings with regards to sexual impropriety. National, as usual doesn't have a clue what they are talking about.


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          "as is the National Venturing Comittee for thinking it can dream up a national policy that is up to BSA standards"

          National Venturing committee???

          We haven't had a National Venturing Committee since BSA National reorged in 2008.

          As BadenP said, this comes from whatever group does all the YPT/G2SS stuff, with who knows what input from the 1 or 2 professionals with any Venturing knowledge...


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            Thanks Emb, I had thought they did away (they being the BSA) with the National Venututing Committee, but I am not dialed in nationally

            But this section is new correct? At least new since the beginning of the year? Just like the death of overnight patrol outings a paragraph appears and thats is. Think they could do a look whats changed section in the website?


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              So G2SS is referencing "National Venturing Committee" when it doesn't exist? That's rich. Anyway, the policy is no different than what we've been trained in VLST. I meant to compare with the wording in the old G2SS, but forgot to last night.

              FWIW - from my talks with camp rangers regarding venturers, the last place I need to worry about fornication is where they are *sleeping*.

              More coffee, please.


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                Finally pulled the 2007 G2SS. This is a new section. (And my wife wonders why I keep this "old stuff".) The old stuff is still there (items were simply renumbered).

                I'm wondering if the new section comes from Personal Safety Awareness for Venturing meeting guide. It wasn't referenced in the 2007 G2SS.

                I'm not inclined to chase this down to its source. Since I don't have to sort out where anyone's sleeping (or whatever) tonight, I'm going to see if I can start staring at my eyelids before midnight.