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Required Minimum Popcorn Sales?

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    I'm fairly sure a Pack/Troop can't directly solicit funds (ask for direct donations) for their program. One of the Packs around here got flack for putting a paypal "Donations" link on their webpage.


    • jblake47
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      So what? Just don't click the link! Suck it up, I've given directly to units over the years and I prefer that all kids get a chance to go to summer camp, not just the kid that showed up at the door.


    • Fehler
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      Giving donations to a Pack or a Troop is just fine, and thank you for that, and units can accept those donations gladly. But going out and asking for them, by way of putting up a "donations" link, is a no-no.

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    We got flack for it a few years back, link off the site. That's why it's a support role, and it will be to support the CO's Youth Scouting Program.

    We'll word it carefully, it'll be to sponsor the Blue and Gold Banquet, not soliciting donations.


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      Our pack sells popcorn and also wreaths/grave blankets/garland from a local farmer. We get a higher margin on the greenery, of course. We set a minimum sales target of something like $260. If a scout doesn't want to sell, the buyout is $130. That is pretty reasonable to fund a whole year of scouting, far cheaper than any sport. Some families do the buyout every year, and some sell every year. We have no trouble funding our pack with this method.