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Looking for A custom square knot maker!!!! HELP

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  • Looking for A custom square knot maker!!!! HELP

    I am looking for someone that can help me find a company that makes custom square knots my camp staff fmaily and some friends that I have made are all BSA lifegaurds, I know that there is not an OFFICIAL square knot but we all would like something to identify ourselves from the other program areas. Somebody please help me out here! thanks

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    There may be a reason why one can't find a source for them. But maybe start asking custom patch companies what they can offer.



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      You mean this patch?


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        Why don't you all consider an optional patch for your right pocket? Maybe an insert to go over a corner of your camp patch?


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          We were going to do an optional patch but our uniform requires that we wear the camps patch on the right pocket, then they added a rule that we couldn't add or change that patch in any way shape or form. Thats why we want to do a square knot


          • qwazse
            qwazse commented
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            Agree with Papaddy below You need to sort out with your CD if he approves of your team distinguishing yourselves on a BSA field uniform AT ALL. Then, if he/she approves that, ask how you could go about doing that given the restriction on camp patches.

            (Personally, I really like the idea of converting BSA guard patches to slides. But, some camps' staff don't do neckers. )

            The other option to consider is a special sticker on your name tag.

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          The only square knots authorized for uniform wear are listed in the Insignia Guide and are produced by the BSA. The BSA Lifeguard has an insignia authorized for wear on the swim trunks. I find it odd that your Camp Director would authorize you to wear it, but is very stringent about what can go on the right pocket. As camp staff whom young Scouts look up to, your uniforms should be exemplary and regulation.


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            I think you can find other ways to identify yourselves. Hats, neckers, wobbles, goggles.


            • Nike
              Nike commented
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              Just get custom visors and issue them to the guards only. AFter three or four years, that beat up, frayed and faded hat will mean something to the wearer and the kids at camp. Add year pins or custom made "Saves" pins.

            • King Ding Dong
              King Ding Dong commented
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              Go to the craft store any get some foam wreath circles, paint and web strapping and make ring buoy hats. Your guards will easily identified from other program areas.

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            Turn the BSA Mile Swim Patch into a neckerchief slide