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  • religious award knots

    Related to the original thread (may a Boy Scout wear religious medals he earned as a Cub?), here is a interesting question to which I do not know the answer.

    A scout who has changed faiths and has earned the religious awards for both is clearly entitled to wear both medals on his uniform for formal occasions. However, for normal occasions should he wear two knots, or wear one knot and a device, or wear one knot only?

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    I think the rule is you never wear two of the same knot. He would wear one knot, signifying a religious award, with the device signifying at what level the award(s) were earned. I think it would be acceptable to wear two of the same device, if two awards were earned at that level. But in my experience, very few people ever wear devices after they get lost in the wash.


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      I have a good scouting friend who proudly has both the St George medal (Roman Catholic) and the Shofar (Jewish). He was a member of the Council Catholic Scouting COmmittee when the Council Jewish Scouting Committe collasped. He and the rest of the Catholic Committee more or less took over and made sure the religious awards for Jewish youth were available for 3-4 years. Eventually the Council Jewish Scouting COmmittee reformed and everyone on the Catholic Committee received the Shafor for their efforts. He wears the knot and a single Boy Socut device to show he has two


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        Good example, OGE, thanks! I've recieved an inquiry from the family of a fellow who earned the Parvuli Dei as a Cub Scout and is now pursuing the UUSO award for Boy Scouts and Venturers.


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          One knot for youth, one knot for adult.

          I was at the U of Scouting, and met a young man who sported four badges. It was enough for me to stare, frankly, and I recognized the Eagle, the God and Country, the Ad Altare Dei, and the Ner Tamid. I had to introduce myself and find out how he came to wear the three different religious awards.
          It made sense as he explained: His dad was Catholic, his mom was Jewish and his Scout Troop was sponsored by a Methodist church. Being a real "type A" , he naturally earned all of them in turn.
          He wore ONE square knot, no "devices".
          I came to realize there was no rule against that.
          Talk about broadening one's knowledge of the diversity of faith in our world.(This message has been edited by SSScout)


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            yep one knot, but multiple devices may be worn.

            Those devices are a PAIN, literally and figuratively, especially since one of the devices has been restricted by national now for whatever reason.

            I earned 3 religious awards, and am entitled to wear the CS, BS and Sea Scout devices on my knot. But they come off easily, can easily be forgotten when putting in the laundry, and now I have to special order my Sea Scout device.


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              "His dad was Catholic, his mom was Jewish and his Scout Troop was sponsored by a Methodist church. Being a real "type A" , he naturally earned all of them in turn. "

              Interesting. At the cub level that seems more likely since most of the requirements require only basic understanding. My impression -- and it's just an impression, I've not really studied the requirements -- is that at the Boy Scout level the requirements include some commitment to the particular faith. Coming from a mixed home myself, I can understand the mom/dad thing. Earning the CO's award just because it's offered seems a little odd.

              And I've read about one other exeception for wearing two of the same knot. I can't remember the specific situation -- love you guys but I ain't spending the time to look it up -- but it seems like it had to do with the same knot being recycled onto a different award.

              I've got two brothers in the troop who both wear three religious emblem knots. Occasionally, during uniform inspections, I'll remind them about the devices. Hopefully, maybe, when they outgrow their shirts they'll make it right. I've taught them what's proper... I've done my job.


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                This is sort of like the guy that wears two Silver Beaver knots, because he was awarded them in two different councils. Ok, whatever....


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                  Somewhere in the past 20 years or so people really started doing crazy things with knots. I'm glad national took the small step of getting it under control by "combining" some of the training awards from cub scouts and boy scouts.