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Can Adult Scouters wear medals earned as Scout

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  • Can Adult Scouters wear medals earned as Scout

    I realize that this may be an elementary question; however, as I am new to adult scouting I would suggest that I am at the elementary level. As a Scout, I earned the rank of Eagle, as well as the Ad Altare Dei and Pope Pius medals. I know they have a knot that I can wear aas an adult leader, but do they have the same for the religious medals. And, if so, where do I locate these. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    The information you are looking for is in the Insignia Guide #33066D.
    Page 5 deals with:
    Badges of Rank are for youth members and Two Badges with the same meaning.
    Page 16 covers the Religious emblem square knot. This is covered again on page 46.
    Hope this helps.
    Welcome to the forum.


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      Ceaux, WELCOME!
      Adults wear a silver knot on purple background to represent any/all religious emblems earned as a youth. The knot can be purchased at the local Council Scout store. Some councils may expect you to show proof that you earned the medals - most will not.

      If you are awarded a Religious Emblem (St. George) as an adult, then you may additionally wear the Purple knot on silver background patch.



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        Don't forget service stars. From page 12-9 of the cub scout leader book...
        "Adult leaders wear a service star with a light blue background to indicate years of service as an adult leader in Scouting. Adults who were youth members may wear multiple stars with different backings (gold for Cub Scouts, green for Boy Scouts, red for Venturers, brown for Varsity Scouts) or may combine all BSA tenure in a single star with a blue background.


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          Also don't forget Arrow of Light. If you made Eagle you very likely also made Arrow of Light while a Cub Scout. AoL has its own knot that you can wear along with your Eagle and religious knots.


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            I am an Eagle Scout (Class of 1992) and I did some research on this topic and this is what I came up with:

            I believe this is a yes and no topic.

            On the no-during regular meetings, the medals is not to be worn by adults.

            On the yes-during Dress/Formal Occasions (ie. Courts of Honor, Blue & Gold Banquets). Up to 5 medals can be worn.


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              I think common sense is called for. The question is about medals. On formal occasions, as mentioned above, I wear my Eagle, Pro Deo Et Patria (Lutheran religious award), Scouter's Training Award and Scouter's Key. When I was a Cub, there were no religious awards, however I would not wear it as an adult. I also would not wear my third-place Pinewood Derby medal. We have a young ASM who wears full medals to every meeting - Roundtables, OA Chapter meetings, etc. Looks kinda ridiculous.

              I have been asked to speak at an Eagle COH this afternoon (as a friend of the family), and was wrestling with what to wear...uniform or business suit. Medals/no medals. I called the Dad, who is the SM and an Eagle, and his answer was "full dress uniform, of course. Why do you ask?"


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                When I read page 5 of the Insignia Guide I read it to say that:
                In Scouting the advancement program is intended for youth members only.
                Scouters should neither seek awards designed for youth members nor wear them on the scouter uniform except for square knots representing the Arrow of Light Award. Eagle Scout Award, Venturing Silver Award, Quartermaster Award, or religious emblems earned as a youth.

                The only five medals may be worn at a time that is in page 46 refers to adult medals.
                The Eagle Scout Award is a youth Award and the Square knot replaces the medal on the adult Scouter uniform.


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                  Actually, the Eagle Scout medal CAN be worn by adults. Unlike youth, the adults can ONLY wear them during formal dress occasions (like Courts of Honor or Blue and Gold Banquets or other dress occasions).

                  However, adults CANNOT wear the medals during regular Scouting functions (Troop meetings (Scout and Troop Committee), Den Meetings, Roundtables, training sessions.


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                    While I agree many Scouters do only wear their medals at special events.
                    I really would like to see what reference you are using that states a Scouter can wear a Boy Scout Eagle medal award which is a badge of rank /advancement.


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                      It is in the Insignia Guide. Look up Eagle Medal

                      Believe it or not, I am a member of NESA. In the "Eagleletter", I've seen Eagle Scouts photographed much older than me wearing their medals.

                      I do agree that the Eagle Scout is a rank for the youth, but there is a saying "Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle.(This message has been edited by htc1992eaglescout47553)


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                        I stand corrected, you are right!!
                        Well almost.
                        Page 22 OF The Insignia Guide does state that:
                        Eagle Award
                        Adults wear only on formal Eagle occasions.
                        I don't see a B&G Banquet as a formal occasion.
                        While I agree that a Eagle Scout is an Eagle Scout for life (I'm very proud to be a Queen Scout) I also think that a Life Scout is a Life Scout for life.
                        While the 4 or 5% of Scouts who do make Eagle Rank, do belong to a small and prestigious group who are deserving of acclamation and admiration. I think everyone who has gone through a Scouting program and earned a rank is also worthy of our admiration. Some of the Scouter's I see doing the best work in our Council are Life Scouts, in fact many were never Scouts. Still they are the backbone of our Council.
                        I do hope that if anything those of us who have obtained the top award in our Scouting organization have learned is that we are of service to others.
                        Many thanks to FScouter for his help in finding page 22!!


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                          Check this site out:


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                            Oh my, Eamonn, bite your tongue. I would regard a Blue and Gold banquet as arguably the most formal Cub Scout occasion in the life of a Pack. And, if I were invited, I certainly would consider formal Scouting wear.

                            I'll bet that the Cub Scouts consider it formal and it is, after all, done for them. And I'll bet that they are turned on by seeing the medals that adults have earned which they, someday, might earn.

                            cub Scouts like uniforms and Cub Scouts like medals.


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                              What about medals that do not indicate rank such as the Gettysburg medallion?