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Camp, boys, ticks, lymes and YTP

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  • Camp, boys, ticks, lymes and YTP

    So, a tick can give nasty diseases in as little as 24 hours. We are there to help protect these boys as best we can. There are places ticks like to attach to your body you cannot see unless you are a yoga master. How is this issue handled ? I assume YPT prevents adults from doing a full body check on the boys. Can the boys do a check on each other ? Would asking that of another boy be considered offensive ? What if one of the leaders is a RN ? I plan on taking precautions and I can certainly check my son and have him check me. What about the other boys?

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    KDD, Honestly, half the time I think your trolling. A small handheld mirror should be enough to check the parts no one else should be looking at.


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      I sincerely do not intend to troll. I maybe over reacting a bit but I have enough health problems that I really want to avoid getting sicker than I already am. I do not personally know anyone with lymes, but it sure would be devastating to deal with.

      I really did try a mirror and didn't think I could see something as small as a tick well enough. I have never been on more than a two night campout, so my inexperience and paranoia shows. I must sound like one of those Girl Scout Moms who just wants to craft. Suburban life will do that to you.

      I will try to just relax and enjoy myself. Leaving Sunday morning so I you get a week off from me. Some Ding Dongs and Kool Aid sure sounds good right now. Lol

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    Just have the boys check as best they can, making sure they know to check everywhere. Small mirrors are a great idea; lighting has to be good, so during nighttime showers doesn't work.

    Once when I was staffing a wilderness survival outpost overnight, quite a distance from main camp, I had a youth come up to me and report a tick on a very sensitive portion of his anatomy. He grabbed a buddy and we paddled back to main camp, where I deposited him on the doorstep of the first-aider. The first-aider in turn gave him a mirror and sent him into his private bathroom to try to take care of it. Thankfully, that worked.


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      Ya your over reacting

      Ticks happen.....most of the ticks I see are the brown dog ticks.. I generally remove a couple a year from my son and I.....No big deal


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        As a society we've gotten beyond the point that people can be sensible about nudity; yes, if you suggested that boys pair off you'd immediately be branded a pervert. Let them keep their modesty and risk Lyme Disease.
        As for yourself, this article contains some preventative measures on page 2:


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          Some bug repellent, long pants, long sleeves, and socks over pant bottoms, should all help to stop ticks from being a problem.

          While a small mirror helps, you can probably feel the tick easier than see it. Self-checking is easier if you use both sight, and touch.


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            I live in an area of high tick and mosquitoes (Lymes, encephalitis West Nile). I wear long sleeves, taped shut, necker, pulled tight, long pants tucked into socks, belt with shirt tucked in. The ticks still get in now and then. Liquid soap on a Kleenex held on it will back them out. Otherwise, needle nose pliars for those who choose that route. After 62 years, I've never had a bug problem. If bugs bother you, I'd stay out of the woods, stick with the ants, spiders and roaches you have in your home instead.


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              I live in Lyme disease area....we tell our cubs when they start camping to use a wash cloth and scrub the areas that are covered by a bathing suit and arm pits well with the wash cloth in the shower. Never had a scout report having a tick. Ps it can take a deer tick up to 24 hrs to find the best eating area on a host