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Camp took last years evaluations and fixed it.

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  • Camp took last years evaluations and fixed it.

    Last year had a horrible summer camp experience.....Troops riding around on gators and golf carts, rude, racist leaders and troops. Very poor first year scout program, not enough food at meal time.

    Well the camp took our evaluations and fixed every single one of our concerns. No gators or golf carts for the troops, Had a scout in a wheel chair zipping around camp, his patrol had a rope and as a group would haul him up the hill to the dining hall.

    No rude comments about my boys acting as waiters or bus boys for the other scouts. I heard one of my boys had a problem with another scout, the other scout was sent home, but the CD wouldn't discuss it, so I have no idea if it was true or not.

    Spent my time doing projects the ranger had lined up, rebuilding bridges and hand rails painting shower houses, tent platforms.....

    A very fulfilling week.

    Big smile reflecting on the week.(This message has been edited by Basementdweller)

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    I'm happy to hear your guys had a better experience this time around. Make sure your older guys who were there last year and didn't have such a good time then, also reflect on this. People actually listened, cared, and took their constructive criticism seriously. That is a big realization for a lot of young folks to make and can be very empowering.


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      Quick, someone please catch me!! I believe I just fainted over the fact BD just paid compliments to his councils camp!!! To anything about his council..

      So is it under new management or what?


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        Not my councils camp......

        The Rock heads at home would just pitch the evals in the trash because us worthless volunteers don't know what we are talking about.

        So we vote with our feet and money and go out of council to camp.

        BTW it is significantly less expensive and a much better program, decent facilities.....

        There were 10 other troops from our council in camp the same week as us.......

        Just sayin, it just isn't my opinion.(This message has been edited by Basementdweller)


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          Hello Basement,

          I was delighted to read about your great experience!

          So often your bad experiences have been heart breaking to read.


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            I understand that scouting better elsewhere......A grass is greener case maybe????

            A fine groups of adults at camp who were great to be around and work with. I believe this group is the group that gets scouting....The guys that will take a week off work to get the boys to camp....Their joy is based on boy accomplishments and not knots on their own shirt.

            I wonder what it will take to fix my home district ......

            (This message has been edited by Basementdweller)


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              Awesome! Now do one more thing...write your thoughts in a letter to the CD, copy to his SE and copy to your SE. Let them know you appreciate the effort ... unless your SE is a dolt, he will get the message. Recognize the people who are doing it right.