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nineteen twenties Eagle Scout needed

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  • nineteen twenties Eagle Scout needed

    My son is looking for any Eagle Scout from the 1920's that is alive and can still communicate.
    It doesn't matter where in the world that he lives. At the very least where he lives should have mail or phone service.

    Does anyone know of anyone? He has tried NESA, so far that is not working out.

    We realize an Eagle Scout from 1920 would be about 105 years old and probably unlikely to be around. But an Eagle Scout from 1929 would be around 95 years old and a better chance of still being around.

    I realize privacey concerns. If you know a man like this, email me privately and I'll pass on my son's contact information for you to pass on to him.


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    I'm sorry to say that I don't think you are going to find someone of that age, and I don't know if this guy is still with us but he was 96 last year:

    I remember reading about a 105 yr old man that died fairly recently who was awarded his Eagle shortly before he died as WWI had forced to not be around to get it (although he had completed all the necessary work for it). It was on one the Scouting online sites, maybe Scouting News online.

    If he would be able to settle for a man who earned the Eagle just prior to WWII, he would have a greater chance. My son portrays a WWII Scout for WWII reenacting and we all attend many events where there are veterans. He always gets a few that come up to him and say, "I remember wearing that uniform! Do your best to get that Eagle badge!" So my suggestion would be to call some veterans organizations like the American Legion and see if they know of any.

    If that would not work out, go on the NESA site and get the name of some Eagles from that time period and see if they have any sons or daughters who know anything about their dad's scouting history. I know my husband's grandfather would have filled your need perfectly but he died long ago. Still, Scouting was very important to him.

    Good luck.


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      Don't know if this will help, but my dad is 91 and made Eagle in 1938, as the newest Eagle in the council he was asked to be an aide to "Uncle Dan Beard" at the Roosevelt Pilgimage Oct,20,1938.I've got the picture of them and it was in Boy's Life. He does use hearing aides and he's still as "Sharp as a tack".mostly(he says) I know he'd be glad to talk to some young Scout!!
      Let me know and I'll set you up with contact info. Remember back then Eagles were usually older than they are now days.
      To add to that story, in letter he was instructed "to be in proper uniform including breeches,socks,etc.Long trousers are not acceptable"


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        Do you have a scan of that image at the Pilgrimage? I would love to see it.

        David C. Scott


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          Twoeagles, can you lend any insight as to why 1920s?


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            This might be the closest you will get. This guy joined the boy scouts in 1929, but didn't receive his Eagle until 1934. He is currently 100 years old, and possibly the oldest living Eagle Scout.


            He was recently awarded the rare, "Outstanding Eagle Scout" award.(This message has been edited by scoutaholic)