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Old Webelos Activity Badge?

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  • Old Webelos Activity Badge?

    All: Pulled out my Webelos colors from back in the day (1969-1970) and had my W1 scouts try to identify the activity badges on it. They got them all except for one, which I can't identify either! The badge looks like head of a horse (almost like a Knight in chess).

    Any ideas what it is/was?


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    Found a 1997 thread from Scouts-L which says it's the old Artist pin. Can anyone confirm?


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      I checked Mitch Reis's book, and per it, the horse head design for the Artist badge was used from 1967-71.


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        Guys: That is great! Can anyone tell me what the requirements were back then? Clearly the current "Using a computer, make six original designs using straight lines, curved lines, or both." was not part of the mix!


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          Draw, paint,or sketch an original picture using watercolor, crayons, or oil and frame it for your room or home.

          Know the primary and secondary colors and how to cobine colors.

          Make six dsings using straight lines, curved lines, or combinations thereof.

          Make a profile of a member of our familly.

          Use plastic or clay and sculpture a simple object.

          make a mobile.

          Make a construction using a combination of materials of your choice-dowels, screen wire, cellophane, string, etc.

          Do 5 of these.


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            Thanks! I will share with the Scouts at our next meeting...