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  • New Moderator Team

    Just a brief announcement. We have expanded the moderator team by adding several people. We've asked these folks to provide some cheerful service for at least the next six months, and expect that from time to time we may rotate duties and allow the moderators to just be "normal participants".

    We've discussed it a bit among the team, and decided that for now the specific people that are assigned moderator duty won't be "announced". It's not really a secret, and I'm torn between keeping this low-key and giving these folks the kudos they deserve for volunteering. The folks that have accepted my request will not likely surprise anyone on this board, and their "identities" are not going to be held as closely guarded secrets.

    However, in the end we know we want to avoid (1) creating any appearance of a "clique" or special group among us and (2) putting undue pressure on any person serving as a moderator that might prevent them from also participating as a "normal participant".

    So, let me just announce that we've had several among us who have quickly stepped forward to volunteer, and they will be working together as a team. From time to time others will be asked to volunteer, and some that are serving now may take a bit of a break.




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    darn. I was hoping they'd all line up so I could see the group take potshots at 'em!

    whoever you are, thanks for donating another "one hour per week"!


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      I guess the moderator area is restricted after trying to click on Meet the Moderators. If you dont want their identity to come out you might want to figure a way that their handles dont show when they post.

      BTW thanks to OGE for his work and fairness.


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        NW --

        From what I've read in this thread, perhaps it's best left to the new moderators to raise their hand and say hi if they desire to do so.

        I'd be quite content to moderate quietly and as an unknown.

        But I'm not going to. Sometimes it seems that nothing attracts attention more than a mystery.

        I'm one of the new moderators.



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          Kinda think that everyone is seeing the names in the moderator area and it's not rocket science.
          So I will put my hand up with Unc's


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            Whoops. :-) Thta's a "bug" to fix, huh?

            Oh well, as I said, not a state secret (though I assumed the state was a bit less careless than that!). The main goal to to let everyone know that moderators will come and go, they walk among us, and there's no sepcial "club" associated with being one (other than they have shown their cheerful service). Let's keep it happy. -- TERRY HOWERTON


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              Congratulations Unc and Eamonn, your wisdom and manners will be most helpful in your new roles. Thank you for taking on this job and may it not become a burden.

              Terry, thank you for providing and continually improving these forums. I'm also glad to see you've sealed the leaks

              I'm getting happy! (Hey OGE -- that's a great set up for a Patridge Family tune, eh?!)


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                Congrats to Unc and Eamonn. You folks will do good.

                Only thing I'm concerned about it Unc editing my posts about Manyirons' age

                Hey Many...If I don't see you at church, I'll see you at Camp Happy Happy Joy Joy.


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                  Eamonn & Unc,
                  Congrats! I like the idea of the *

                  Ed Mori
                  Troop 1
                  1 Peter 4:10


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                    I really do want to echo what Terry said about not becoming anything more than a normal participant.
                    This is a great place to exchange ideas and to reach out to give or get help.
                    I really am looking forward to meeting as many forum members as possible at the Jamboree and seeing what your ugly mugs look like!!


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                      I only raised my hand so moderator did not become a secret club. Don't worry about the state, Terry. It's in good hands

                      I fully intend to enjoy the forums as before.



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                        I too am happy to join the moderator team. Think of us first as members of the forum community, as everyone is. I can only hope to meet the level of expertise demonstrated by Hops and OGE. Comments, observations, and suggestions are welcome. As Terry has related, we're here to help keep the ship on course.


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                          Hopin' Hops is still on the team to keep you old fellers in line.


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                            Hopper is alive and well, I talked to him last night in the MSN chat room.
                            He will be at the Jambo working in the Area D rappelling area. The guy in charge of that area is from the same council as myself. So they will be hanging out together or is that dangling?
                            I really am looking forward to meeting him, as OJ is also working in Action Area D and Troop 412 has been invited to be the first troop to go through the rappelling area (They want to see how long it takes to get so many Scouts through in a specified time.) I think the chances are good.


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                              If they're going for a speed record, I suggest eliminating the use of ropes. Scouts rappel very quickly with nothing to slow them down.

                              Of course, you won't get many repeat customers