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Why Do Restrictred Threads Show in Column?

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  • Why Do Restrictred Threads Show in Column?

    To be more specific, why do restricted threads, or those in a restricted forum, show up in the column on the right side of the page? It is a little irritating to click on a thread showing in that column, only to be directed to a page that says you can't enter. Recent titles that meet this description include "Bob White resurfacing" and "Ignore This Subject" or something similar. If you don't want us viewing them, why advertise them???

    I tried posting this in the Scouter Announcements folder, but was informed I'm not allowed to even do that - what is up with this forum????

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    It has to do with the design of the website, none of the moderators can control what shows up where. I understand its frustrating but on the other hand we rarely talk about anyone and when we do, its always in a scoutlike manner... most of the time


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      Are you saying there are threads here that we can't see but show up in the list on the left banner? Am I missing something?


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        There is a restricted forum just for moderators. We're not allowed to see them. Much like the "Rules and Regulations of the BSA".


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          I usually do not look at those. I think I remember Scouter Terry fixing it so those did not show up a while ago.
          The moderators must be busy I do not remember this many showing up before.

          Did you really see one that bob white was back?

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            I was interested in the "Presenting OA sashes" thread and that was restricted.


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              Some of the OA threads are password protected just for OA members, due to the nature of the discussions.


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                The password into the OA "Restricted" section is the Admonition. The challenge is spelling it correctly. It took me months to get it right as my 1983 printing of the OA handbook doesn't have it in it (or at least not obviously) and the OA quick start website refers to a page in the current handbook. In my old handbook, the page referenced is a picture.(This message has been edited by moxieman)


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                  Yeah Moxie, we've got the same book! Next time I'm on Johnson Rd. I will buy a new one. And sadly, the admonition was whispered in my ear almost 24 years ago and I lost my ordeal pamphlets (as well as most of my sanity)!(This message has been edited by local1400)