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    We recently had a camping trip and several webelos camped with the Boy Scouts as part of their Arrow of Light requirement. Any way, the older boys held classes for the webelos, showing them the tokin chip skills, fire chip skills, cooking, etc. My question is can the webelos be awarded a tokin chip or do they have to wait until they are Boy Scouts? They did participate in the classes and did demonstrate that they understand the use and care of the tools.

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    They can only earn their "Wittling Chit" as Cubs / Weblos.

    Earning the "Totin Chip" would allow them the use Axes, hatchets & hand saws. (A very scary thought for 10 yr olds)



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      Have to wait until boy scouts...but being exposed to this early should give them a leg-up when they re-demonstrate these skills for boy scout advancement purposes.


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        Okay, while I realize that I run the risk of being labeled as anal retentive...

        A Bear requirement (19. Shavings and Chips) is to earn the WHITTLING CHIP card. The actual card has WHITTLING CHIP on the top (older version is yellow, newer brown).

        The TOTIN' CHIP grants Scouts (Boy Scouts) the rights to carry and use wood tools.

        The FIREM'N CHIT grants Scouts (Boy Scouts) the rights to carry matches and build campfires.

        These three cards (along with the word Webelos) are amongst the most misspelled words in Scouting. It is not that hard to use the proper terms!


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          I agree with all the above. Semper makes a good point. And, to emphasize what he said, they will have to demonstrate this AGAIN after they become a boy scout. They can't walk into their first troop meeting and say, "Hey, we did that last year, gimme my card".


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            Now flowerchild...perhaps its just your spelling, but the combination of your hippy handle and the reference to the tokin' chip has me wondering exactly what those boys were doing in those weeds...ur, woods.


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              Well Played, Semper!!!