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  • Noac as a Adult

    well after talking with some people who went there and watching youtube videos of Noac i wanted to know one thing. is it fun to go as an adult? because by the time 2012 rolls around ill be 20 years old. i hear a lot of Noac is training for kids to be good leaders and stuff. so has any of you adults went and if so did you enjoy yourself? it looks fun, im sad i missed out this year.

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    In the OA, you are a youth until 21. So while you might be an adult in the troop, you'll still be a youth for NOAC.


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      NOAC has so much to offer that age can be irrelevant.

      Since you'll be 20 yo in 2012 when it rolls in to Michigan State University, I'd encourage you to get your lodge involved in everything they can possibly do at NOAC. Sign up for basketball, volleyball, lodgeball, ceremonies, dancing and singing competition, etc. Going to NOAC and not doing everything that's available is worse than not going at all.


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        I went to a NOAC as a 20yo ASM/ youth Sea Explorer (showing my age here) and as a YOUTH in the OA, remember 20 and under are youths still, there is a ton of stuff for you to do.

        Even for over 21YOs, there is a ton of stuff to do. You just can't compete.

        GO TO is useless to resist.


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          GO TO NOAC!!


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            I'll be 54 ish when NOAC comes back to my Alma Mater MSU (GO GREEN). Should I go? I'm afraid of possible flashbacks from the '70s if I sleep in a dorm room. Can they still try to collect on overdue librabry books?



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              Ken ... LOL!

              I will be 49, I'm definately going, and I'm absolutely certain that I'll have flashbacks...I might even start signing "MSU Shadows" (remember that?) so you've all been warned! The icing on the cake would be visiting my Fraternity house (afterwards, of course), gotta check up on my 'other' brothers.