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  1. You kidding? I think the Y would be the BEST place to charter a troop - as long as it had a pool, anyway.
  2. Eagle732 - watch out! He's gonna... SPLAT! Oooohh, too bad there ol' buddy - wanna borrow my neckerchief?
  3. All politics is local: We have a large LDS scouting influence around here and even hold District Roundtable at the Stake. Their troops, however, are small and most adults are told to "volunteer" by their bishop. If cash buys access to the highest reaches of BSA planning & policy, when the cash fades then so should the influence. Some of my favorite Scouters are LDS, but the LDS Church's cult status is not far different than Scientology - what would a Unit Commissioner do if a Scientology Church wanted to start a Cub Scout Pack?
  4. llwyn

    NOAC 2009

    Sounds like a good time for all. I think the 3 year shift is to land NOAC 2015 on the 100th Anniversary
  5. aaaarrrrrgh! =8-) sigh, I suppose you'll be an effective chairperson as well... I was only thinkin' of the boys, sniff, sob ... Good luck, Bubba
  6. Bubba: You sir, are gonna be a GREAT commissioner! "This talk of religion is all fine and well but the point that needs to be discussed ..." Whew, thanks Jake, for pulling us back. Rooster: "If so, you have plenty of company. Many self-professed Christians like to believe this. It keeps them off their knees and enables them to do as they please without guilt or shame." Man, I wish I had said that ... so simple. llwyn
  7. Dear tjhammer, Christians on this site, and even in this thread have been called hypocrites, intolerant, holier than thou [implied] and more. I have responded hastily, I know, but it is the nature of the media - neh? I mistakenly assumed that you had heard the allegory of the beggar and his bread. I am not holier than you are. I am a decrepit beggar on the street - broke & lost & hungry. A Man gives me bread which saves my life. I meet you and you are the same as me except I have bread. I tell you where to find this Man so you may be given bread as well. I am certain that I have fall
  8. tjhammer, As soon as I hit the submit button, I asked forgiveness from my LORD for being so obtuse and in your face. I apologize to you for any offense taken from my post. llwyn
  9. Hello friends, I have just returned from Scout Camp and so have been trying to catch up on my reading of this thread... TJ: Frankly, as I have said before, I don't believe the Bible is the literal word of God. If I were you and actually believed that the Bible was divine, I would have real difficulty also saying "well what does this passage really mean, as it would seem like placing words in God's mouth. llwyn: Frankly, I don't know how you can say you are a Christian [i think that was you]. In any case would you explain the above? I don't understand your point. Also, what IS y
  10. BubbaBear, I'm sure you're STILL a good ol' bear! I don't know how the spy thing came about. When we make a unit visit we are supposed to make an appointment, come as a friend (#'s 3,4,5,6), and after we get home, write up a visitation report. This report is supposed to help us determine the general "health" of the unit by documenting certain observations such as: number of adults; kids in uniform; adults in uniform; program being delivered; etc., etc. Most units are doing OK and there is rarely any reason to be blunt. Actually the biggest task for a healthy unit is to help them complet
  11. You know, friends, this thread is getting a little thin and If all we can do is make odd verbiage, why not change the subject? Before I go find more fruitful discussions, I have to say that littlebillie's "anecdote" sounds made up. Untrue. Patrols don't have Pack leaders and I'm 52, also from Arizona, and never heard of such a thing. So even if it is true [which I doubt] it certainly IS unique, and a stain on anybody's badge?- certainly not. Most of all little brother billie, it is irrelevant. I mean, what is your point? Why is it that the Christians on this list are usually the ones who
  12. Wait a minute. I do read what you write and what you are writing, I believe, is confusing. Are Merlyn and Old Grey Eagle [OGE] saying that it is illegal for the school to charter a pack? Is that so? What state, what case law, what court has held this to be the law of the land. Please tell me what you mean and back it up with some facts so that we can check it out and then come back and apologize for not believing you. Another question, inferred from the first is, who does hold the charter? The PTA? First you talk about the fairness of it all, in a case where the unit IS chartered to
  13. Dear NJCubScouter, NJ sez: >It's not that there aren't people around to >help when requested, it's just that the >prescribed structure is not being followed. And >the reason is clear -- 1 UC for every 3 units >would mean that my district would have 21 UC's. >The volunteers just aren't there to fill >anywhere near that number of positions. I know! Do the math! You are so right: "the volunteers just aren't there." Listen friends, what will you do when your boy grows up? You've been trained [you have been trained, right?]; you've got experience [prob'ly in cubs
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