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  • Evaluations?

    If you've been visiting the Jamboree website (, I'd
    appreciate your evaluations. It's been primarily aimed at keeping the folks back
    home up-to-date about the happenings at the Jamboree, and less aimed at
    informing the Jamboree participants of stuff (though we've been trying a little
    of that through the streamed QBSA radio station).

    And, no, just because I'm working in the webmaster office, I'm not missing the
    Jamboree at all! They've got me wandering around collecting lots of multimedia.
    Maybe you've been posted on the site -- check it out!

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    Well done. I love the new technology being employed. It was great to get updates, listen to the radio show, and feel some of the excitement, even if I'm 3,000 miles away!


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      I must say ... being all the way down here in Floor-a-dee, between QBSA (when the streaming works), the multiple Twitter streams, the pix that have been posted, uStream, and the Facebook postings, it really has given those of us who could not make it a way to live vicariously!


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        Thanks for the kind words, gentlemen! UCEagle72, you might also like the immersive videos, for the latest in "you are there" technology! The videos let you pan around and zoom to whatever angle you want while the cameraman walks around. They're a bit of a bandwidth hog, though -- only cable connection speed and faster will play them back without too much stopping and starting.

        The whole Jamboree site should remain up for the remainder of the year, so enjoy! As my first time, it was truly a mountaintop experience. I'm sorry I missed it as a youth...


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          YOU GUYS DID AN EXCELLENT JOB! And yes I am shouting at ya Seriously I loved being able to expereicne part of the jambo from my home, and loved the fact you had the arena show with Mike Rowe (MIKE ROWE FOR CHIEF SCOUT!) so that my 6y.o. CS could listen in. he now wants to got to a Jamboree.


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            The visitors section could use a useful address or directions... I came down to visit from NJ yesterday and that page was far less useful then the Docent at one of the museums in downtown Fredricksburg, VA

            Otherwise the site is great!


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              It worked great, my only problem was that the photo feed is blocked where I work, so I could see the pages but could not watch the photos until I got home.

              One thought for the future - put in some webcams across the site. I would love to be able to log onto a webcamp at my son's subcamp just for fun to watch the activity. Not sure what infrastructure that would require, but I would start putting it in for the new location.


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                I've been skimming the site from time to time, and it has been a great resource on keeping tabs on the Jamboree. One bit of constructive criticism, if I may: I typically don't like websites where information is buried several clicks deep. For example, to read the daily news, click on "Jamboree Today", then the date, and then the heading for the particular story that you want to read. Constrast that to a typical online newspaper (my local one is the Boston Globe), and you see news listings and a heading to click on for a single story. One click. Older news is no more than two clicks away. Then again, this is a very minor criticism. I think the overall site is packed with information and well-organized.