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Shoes for Jamboree

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  • Shoes for Jamboree

    My son's packing list says hiking boots. Being from VA, I'm thinking hiking boots are going to be horribly heavy and hot, however I can easily see a participant walking a pair of tennis shoes into the ground. Any suggestions of type of shoe from previous participants?

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    Hiking "shoes" might be a better word.
    I wore some very nice, comfortable shoes a few years back, but the roads are so heavily crowned, I slid inside the shoes on every step...nasty blisters.
    Hiking boots would be fine if they're really light. I think the message should be that sandals and cheap tennis shoes will cause problems after a few miles; and a few miles will get one through lunch on the first day.


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      Amen to BDPTOO. Comfortable walking shoes. It's not rough terrain, You will easily put on 4 or 5 miles a day, or more. And extra socks. Not pure cotton. Wool or blends or ...(? I forget the name). Our Staff camp in '05 had lots of mini clothes lines festooned with rinsed out socks every day. Dust and heat and humidity.
      Have fun...

      Any luck with the PM?


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        As noted, you need comfortable hike shoes. For some, they may be boots.

        While not rough terrain, the site is hilly, not level. There are paved roads, but gravel roads, grass, etc. You will do a lot of walking, so prepare for that.


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          fairly common in most sporting goods stores are hiking shoes w/ waterproof/breathable liners. I havd a pair of Merrels (although they fell apart very quickly, it seems like they have a good return policy, and others I know have had no problems.) They're usually in the $60 (on sale) - $99 range.


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            Hiking shoes or boots are overkill. Something like cross training shoes or running shoes are good. No flat bottom basketball or skate shoes but something with good support. He will be doing a bunch of walking on blacktop roads and grass.