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Brand link on National regarding Health; real progress

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  • Brand link on National regarding Health; real progress

    Have already reviewed the main part of this, and I find personally that this is a truly huge improvement. Am particularly glad they have gotten rid of the multi language form. Seems really clear overall to me; though we will still have people that just do not get it I am sure. But most should find this fairly clear I think.
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    I agree it is an improvement, but it needs more work on the layout. Too much space for DOB, age, Gender, ... too little space for allergy explanations - eat in a nut-free area? Latex allergy?. and medical restrictions.

    Why do Allergies reaction appear on both Part B and C? Remove from C, add more room for activity restrictions or considerations.

    If part C is done, physician should initial part B (medical history, immunization, allergies) or attach their separate patient printout.

    Drop the bottom banner "Prepare for Life" to add more room, add to top heading BSA Part A, BSA Part B.

    They finally dropped SS#

    My $0.02


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      I see that the meningitis immunization has been added to the new health form.


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        can't enter anything


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          it wouldn't let me type anything longer than a sentence- I get error message. My comments are that the name should be first, with emergency contacts room for 3 adults (mom, dad, stepparent), allergies with more room for info, and meds on front page. signature stuff on the back. move health history stuff to front of page 3 with dr signature and review on back. just a bit of rearranging and get rid of all the blue shaded areas. they are too big and waste too much printer ink! But it's an improvement. My son just did one on the old form last week and dr commented that in an emergency it would be annoying to read thru to find what you needed to find it was too wordy. This is better.


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            I used Adobe Reader to open file for editing, my default PDF viewers did not work. You're right there are not multiple lines in the Explain fields.
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              So the PC crowd got to write the last one, apparently the lawyers wrote this. Here's hoping the folks who are actually responsible for taking care of the boys get a turn soon. But in fairness, I much prefer the lawyer's version to that of the PC folks.

              So you have a kid on the ground having a seizure and turning blue. After basic first aid you grab his medical form because,
              A) you want to be sure his parents signed the liability waiver (page 1);
              B) You want to make sure his creepy uncle doesn't try to check him out from camp (also page 1);
              C) You need to contact his folks and let them know you're taking him to the ER (page 2); or
              D) The paramedics are asking you about medications and allergies. (page 3)

              I believe the concept they are missing is called triage -- getting the most important stuff first. Fortunately, the layout is such that we can re-staple the pages in the correct order.

              A couple other, minor points -- I miss the vertical blank in the margin for the Scouts' names and unit numbers. Makes the forms much easier to find in a file folder. (But again, an easy fix). Also the big A, B and C watermarked on each page becomes a big muddy, indistinguishable mess when you copy the forms in black and white. Is identifying parts A, B or C more important than legibility?.

              Still, it's a big improvement over the last version, but that's more of a comment on how bad the old one was.