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  • Hello

    WooHoo! I'm so happy the registration process was repaired! I've been waiting.

    I'm Dean Roberts, a volunteer from Macomb, IL in the Illowa Council. Medicine Lodge District for now, but my district is merging with another (Sha-Bo-Na) and we don't have a new district name yet.

    I started as a Unit Commissioner in 2008. Since then I've been a den leader and cub scout roundtable commissioner. I'm an Owl and a good ole Owl too for C3-133-11-1. Working my ticket now... I began my webelos den leader responsibilities this summer, attended camp school and just completed being the district cub scout day camp director. Whew I am tired... I'm a member of the district committee serving on the training committee and working on district email newsletter creation and web site maintenance.


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    Your council does things a wee bit different. Usually you don't start Scouting as a Unit Commissioner. Were you in Scouting before, and got called back with the UC position. It is just that usually the UC is someone that the unit leaders go to with questions they are unsure about, so alot of UC's are people whose children have aged out of scouting, or at least active leaders with a few years in scouting and know their way around.


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      You'll learn a lot here, and get challenged on some stuff, too. A good way to stretch, sort of an Internet cracker barrel.
      Work that ticket. Best thing a guy can do is the full immersion treatment.


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        Thanks @moosetracker! - I was a scout. Made it to Star before "fuming out" on gas fumes and perfumes. I am friends with a lot of people who are adult scouters and they recruited me. UC's are hard to come by in my area... Mostly a rural area with a lot of university types around.

        Thanks @Second Class! I'm working my ticket the best I can. Trying to maintain a positive attitude whilst surrounded by scouters with poor attitudes.

        Off to assist in combining two weak districts into a larger stronger district... :-)


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          I'm concluding a two year term as Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner. My August Roundtable will be my last --- it will be a model recruiting night demonstrating use of Stomp Bottle Rockets as a recruiting night activity, plus an ice cream social.

          I'm encouraging unit leaders to attend with their Cub Scouts to do the rocket launch and to invite someone who might serve as a pack recruiting chair to attend with their Cub Scout as well.

          Pretty tough sledding getting people to attend Roundtable around here though.


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            Just trying to figure out if I can post something.