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  • How much?

    For those that have not read my intro, I am a new CM for a less than organized pack. The outgoing CM informed me that we have about $3000 in the bank right now. He said they are giving $1000 to the outgoing boy scouts since they worked very hard for that money. Being that I am an absolute rookie, I am just wondering, how much money should we ideally have in the bank? We have 22 boys in our pack right now, 3 of which are webelos.

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    How many crossed over...and this may not be kosher.
    I would ask to see the "Scout accounts" which usually are not kept for cubs (no big expenses other than day camp/residence camp).

    Ideally you need enough to recharter in December.

    22 x $15 - maybe adults too.


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      I believe there were 3 scouts that crossed over. The old CM is going to be handing everything over to my reluctant CC and I on Monday. I guess then I will get a better picture of what we are working with.


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        We have around 35 boys registered, and we consider it a good year if we have 2k in the bank at the start of the school year. We have popcorn to sell next month. (We collect $25 from new families now, and then $50 at recharter) Our high point is probably around 4k.

        The families pay for outings & campouts, the pack pays for advancement & other recognitions.


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          A couple points:

          First, finance is properly the balliwick of the CC. Let him/her run with it.

          But since you are the one here and asking, the real answer depends on the pack's budget. Probably as important as the cash is the historical record of what the pack spends. Without that, you are absolutely guessing when it comes to creating a budget. (I know, I went through that with our troop. Finally, two years later, we have enough good historical cost data that we can create a reasonably accurate budget.) Ask the old CM what records he has. Hopefully, he has more than a checkbook register or a budget with only one or two broad line items. And make sure he understands why you want the info, least you think he's checking up on you.

          I don't know how you can handle this without causing a stink, but I would be very uncomfortable with 3 Webelos taking off with a third of the budget. How did they arrive at that amount? Some units maintain "Scout Accounts" in which individual Scouts can accrue money, usually a share of fundraising proceeds, which they can use for Scout-related expenses. If the $1000 is in these three Scouts' accounts and the funds are being transferred to the Boy Scout troop, that's one thing. But from the way you put it, it sounds like the CM just arbitrarily decided to clean out part of the account. Can you clarify?


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            The old CM was very vague. All he has told me is what I have posted. I am hoping to learn more when I see him on Monday. His wife was the treasurer, and he said she kept good records that will be with all of the other info he will be passing on to me. I am not sure how active my CC will be. At our sign up the other night, after I volunteered for CM, the DE then said he needed someone to be my assistant. After a long silence, someone finally raised their hand. Later when she was told what her duties would be as CC she looked like she was going to pass out. She left the meeting as quickly as she could. I am just trying to get an idea of where we should be because I am not sure how much help I will have.

            I wasn't sure if taking the money for the boy scouts was standard. I know that two of those boys are the sons of the outgoing CM and treasurer.


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              I'm sorry but this doesn't sound right. The outgoing CM says 1/3 of the Pack's finances is going with 3 boys who are bridging out (2 of which are the CM's kids)(taken from your other post) Traditionally the money raised in fund raisers is for the operation of the Pack. I know the kids worked hard to help raise that money but it was for the Pack not their personal accounts.

              I know my kids raised personally raised over $5,000 for their Pack over the years, but did not receive one cent. No complaints here.


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                I thought it sounded a little off, but since I am brand new to scouting, I figured it must be just the way things are done. I am not really sure what, if anything I should do about it.


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                  The Cubmaster, who is married to the treasurer, is taking his two sons and a thousand bucks to the Troop, plus some other kid.

                  Sounds dodgy to me--especially put that way.

                  You probably should talk to the DE. He's been involved and helpful so far. If he is not available to help, you can next turn to the chartered organization head--generally, whoever is boss of the place you meet. Whether it's church, homeowner's association, PTA, or Elks, Someone is in charge, and it's my understanding that the money, in fact, belongs to that organization.


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                    I think I am going to have to do that.


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                      Yes, this doesn't sound kosher. The CM and his wife arbitrarily deciding to take $1000 could be considered illegal. An expenditure of that size needs to be discussed by the Pack committee and approved by the COR. As stated, your CO owns the Pack...and the money. I have had many Webelos transfer into the troop and not one brought money with him. That is made up by the money left in the troop treasury when scouts all works out in the wash.

                      No, it is NOT the way things are always done, and you are right to be suspicious.

                      And, the CC is NOT the CM's "assistant"...shame on the DE for not being totally truthful. Your CC probably feels misled and I don't blame her.(This message has been edited by scoutldr)


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                        Yea, I think we were all misled. When he was recruiting for CM, he said he needed someone to be a coordinator between the DL's and him. For the DL's when someone asked what they would have to do, he said they pretty much just need to bring the cookies and punch.

                        I am going to look further into his money thing on Monday. It is just not sitting right with me. I just found out that my next door neighbor works for the BSA, not sure what he does. I am going to ask him for advice, he's just now home much right now.

                        I don't want to upset the outgoing CM or the scouts. I just don't want the pack to get shafted. Thanks for the replies, they have really helped.


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                          This is a CM who has left you a Pack with only 1 Scout in it. His excuse can't be he could not get families to register as this Fall's registration netted the Pack 21 brand new Scouts!

                          He also left $3,000 in the treasury. What the heck have they been doing, or not doing, with the boys that there is that much left?

                          Now he wants to take 1/3 for that for 3 boys, 2 of which are his sons. His reasoning is that they worked hard for the money. Why didn't the Pack spend the money on the Scouts in the Pack, while there was a Pack?

                          Then there is the comment that you made in your other thread. You stated that your DE said this man has not done much with the pack the last couple of years.

                          I would be REAL careful accepting anything he, or his wife, have to say about how things should be run.

                          As for the Pack budget, to give you an idea, we made about $3,200 last year, and had 38 Cub Scouts. That amount paid for the entire year for us. We charged no additional Pack dues. The Pack pays for all handbooks, awards/recognitions (any and all-no restriction), den number patches, neckerchiefs, Webelos Colors, Scouts entrance fees for Pack activities, buses to go to minor league baseball game and hockey game, costs for Pack Overnighter, rockets for Scouts who make their popcorn sales goal, costs for special presenter at Pack meeting, subsidized part of the cost for the Blue & Gold Banquet to keep the cost down for families, and many more things throughout the year.

                          So, for 22 Scouts, that $3,000 could do a good job toward helping your Pack with startup costs.


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                            We have a pack of 50-60 cubs, and like to carryover the equivalent of one year worth of expenses, which works out to $5000-6000.

                            The CM does not make financial decisions. These are made by the committee, headed up by the CC. An expenditure of this sort should be voted on by the committee (which does not include the CM), and ideally should be also approved by the chartering organization rep.


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                              The only thing our bridging Webelos left with was a scout handbook that the pack gave them as a gift. Contact someone ASAP about this. It isn't on the up and up.