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    Is it typical for two active topics to disappear over the course of 3 days? I posted the link to Trail Life's website once....that thread went poof. Did it again Sunday...poof.

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    Maybe it is an act of God.


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      I think God forsook this forum a long time ago. There probably should be a banner at the top of the Issues and Politics page that says: "Abandon all hope, all ye who enter here!"


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        I'm kind of partial to that banner suggestion but in this case all I can say is, as my cub scouts used to shout every time we heard the sound of breaking glass, "I didn't do it!"

        And I have no idea who did it or even if 'someone' did it at all. I'm mystified but I remind the forums that as far as I know, the moderators agreed to self-identify (or something like that) if we took an action as extreme as deleting a thread. I have to believe that since no one has stepped forward, this is not a case of 'moderation'. That said, I don't have any other explanations. Endeavor to persevere.


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          It's those meddling Hacker Scouts.