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A Scout is Reverent ... Scout Sunday

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  • A Scout is Reverent ... Scout Sunday

    So, how did you spend Scout Sunday?

    Our boys are heading out to spend the morning with our Charter Organization. This is a special day to the elderly congregation as the boys present the colors (including the Christian flag), each say a little about what they have done the past year, what they are looking forward to in the coming year and why they appreciate the over 60 years this church has chartered us in our small community. Then they honor us with a reception where the boys are served all the cookies they can eat. It is a day our charter organization serves the boys - they will have it no other way :-) I doubt if there is a single member in the congregation that hasn't been touched in some way over the years by the Troop. Having a son in the program, buying popcorn or Christmas wreathes, having the boys shovel their snow or rake their leaves. It is so nice to see the love they pour out.

    I am struggling with putting on my shirt and wearing it to church.

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    Our day turned out rather exciting when, right at the end of the service, one of the elderly congregants went down. Thankfully there was a "doctor in the house". The boys directed traffic, cleared parking area for the ambulance, ran for cold cloths, etc, while I was able to work with the doc to provide a little more hands on care. He was sitting up and talking by the time they took him out to the ambulance.

    And it was a great sermon reminding us that through everything love needs to be our highest priority.

    I also had the opportunity after church to have an in depth conversation with my ASM.

    As usual, the Lord provided me with the circumstances to give me the perspective I need to have - not saying it changed my mind about anything, but certainly reminds me to temper my remarks. So, I will wait and see what presents itself next.


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      I went to my home parish today. I sat with a very distinguished young Eagle Scout and his family, (my family does not attend Church with me anymore). The Scouts and Scouters stood up to be recognized by the entire congregation. Kind of embarrassing, kind of awesome.


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        I attended my first Lutheran service at our CO. It was a breath of fresh air compared to what I was accustomed since I was raised Catholic. It was a contmeporary service that kept my Tigers engaged. Afterwards we help reconfigure the hall for the soup luncheon.


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          We hosted cub scout and boy scouts from local packs and troops in the area. Our CO is a catholic church so I sent invites to troops and packs in the area to join us for mass. We had a2 packs and 1 troop represented out of the 6 I invited.


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            Our home Troop and Pack will be in the church this Sunday. I'll try and let you know how it goes.


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              We are doiing Scout Sunday this weekend (the 10th). The Troop is coming out in force with boys and adults in uniform attending services, boys as ushers, and helping with parking. We have a new minister and want to make a good impression--we do this every year but this time a little more effort. We were asked NOT to do the color guard this time. On the church grounds we always have a "campsite" set up with a fire, a lashed bamboo gate way, and some dutch oven treats to share--we invite folks over for that.


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                I like the idea of the campsite. Maybe we will do that sometime this spring. The brain is working :-)