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Is OWL training necessary?

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  • Is OWL training necessary?

    OWL training is this Saturday. I need to know if I need to beg the committee member to use our pack money to pay for me to attend. (And if I should attend.) I gather that this is training for all the outdoor activity badges, but all of them were covered at webelos camp. Why should I need to know all about doing them, when I don't do those badges? Having attended webelos camp, I am aware that the boys are really rushed through it all and don't learn quite as much as they should, but the committee member and cub master will dole out the awards anyway. (I took more time to make sure my son had learned and completed all the camp badges.)

    I am in a non-traditional unit (LDS), so the boys have one year for webelos and there really isn't a whole lot of time, especially when you consider that boys come and go throughout the year, coming in and out on birthdays, so I've got to cover citizenship and healthy eating every 6 months.

    So, do I need this OWL training?

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    Owl training does not just cover the oudoors webelos badges,

    Owl training is often taught in conjunction with Introduction to Oudoor Leadership skills which covers camping and boy scout outdoor skills a bit more.

    I will say that if you are in a LDS troop, you are probably NOT taking the boys camping at all as a den/patrol, so you don't really need OWL if you know how to teach the knots, fire building, camping stuff.


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      Outside of Camping within the LDS Pack, OWLS is very good information about how to put on the Webelos Program. It covers all the Activity Pins. You can still teach how to camp and how to pitch a tent, build a fire and what to look for.‎


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        All four of my webelos have already been awarded outdoorsman. (I know 3 out of the 4 didn't complete all requirements, but the people giving out awards don't care about that.) I know knots- been the knot person in the pack because I took the time to watch youtube videos over and over, until I learned all the required knots. I know how to pitch a tent and build a fire and all that. (My dad is a scouter and he made sure I knew how to camp.)

        The boys already earned geologist, naturalist, and forester.


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          earned or received?


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            Depends; if you are older it certainly would be "wise".


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              Some councils offer it as stand alone, some combine it with IOLS, some combine it with BALOO. I took it combines with BALOO. Some participants only showed up for the BALOO sections. I was told at the time that OWL was required to take the Webelos den camping separate from the pack, BALOO for the whole pack. Others on this board have pointed out that is not correct. How much longer are you going to be a Webelos Leader ? Are you planning on becoming a BS leader soon ?


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                I will not be a bs leader (LDS have men in boy scouts- no women.) I don't know how much longer I'll be a webelos leader, but I'd guess they'd hold the training again, so when I do have more boys, I could get trained then. Right now, my future is that I'll not have a boy move up until June- and they (two of them) will go to camp in May, which will count for Webelos anyway.

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              OWL training is not REQUIRED for anything--even to take Webelos camping. But it is a good idea if you do so.