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Got an interview please give me some advice.

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  • Got an interview please give me some advice.

    I have an interview Monday afternoon. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what exactly I need to get across and what might be the best way to impress the interviewer.

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    Fish on!

    Good luck!


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      Good luck.. But, seriously just be yourself..

      Know it is a tough job with lots of hours weekend, evenings etc.. Lots of Social skills, lots of political skill, lots of financial/statical/managerial skills.. What can you bring to the table?


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        #1 Be yourself.

        #2 Try and find out as much as possible before you go and see how you fit.

        #3 Listen, really listen.

        #4 Know that this is one heck of a committeemen with lots of long hours, little pay, and sometimes angry folks chasing after ya.

        As a wise man told me when I told him I was applying to be a DE: (looking up to Heaven) "Jesus, have mercy on his soul. Are you crazy? Have you lost your mind? (looking up to Heaven) Jesus, have mercy on his soul."

        Good luck.


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          My impression is that councils are commonly unreasonably demanding of DEs. I expect DEs to keep themselves busy, but making excessive demands on people is a bad practice.


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            Eagle92 gives some good advice. Any council is looking for someone with real people skills, who presents himself well, has a good idea of what he brings to scouting and the council.Don't be afraid to ask in depth questions about the council, the district you will be assigned and the expectations they have of you. Both Eagle and I are former DE's and we have seen both sides of professional scouting. My experience in a nutshell, be open and honest with your volunteers and they will help you 100%, never try to put anything over on them and show them you really care about what they do by being an active participant in the district activities without trying to control everything. For the almost five years I was a DE I exceeded all my FOS and Unit Growth goals every year, why because I could trust my volunteers and they knew they could trust me.

            It is not an easy job, long hours, weekends and nights, but if you do your job well the rewards will be great. In spite what you may hear during training in Irving professional scouting is not about learning to manipulate volunteers to do what you want them to do, those guys wind up burning out their welcome and credibility real fast. Treat your volunteers with respect and they will do the same for you. Good Luck.


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              My interview went pretty well. After my interview I was allowed to proceed on to interview with some of the volunteers. While there I felt like I made a pretty decent impression and felt I presented myself and ideals well.

              I do have to mention this however. While waiting to speak with the volunteers I saw the other 2 canidates and was pretty surprised by their priorities. They were both in a frat together and one said he hoped to get the job so he could be close enough to make it to all the frat meetings that were held.

              I hope that I get picked because I dont have other obligations to be worried with he just did not act like he was going to focus on the DE posistion


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                Good luck to you.

                I am unsure if you just overheard the other canidates talking privately, or if what he said was to a wide group. If privately, it just might be two guys talking about things they have in common to while away the time..


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                  Just got a call back they said no and woildnt tell me exactly why or what to work on for the future.


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                    Most likely they wont prep you for another interview.. People want you to be honest and yourself during an interview, not trying to put on a role.. It could be nothing to do with you anyway. Someone else just may have more job experience in areas they are looking for strengths in.

                    Each interview improves your skills.. I know you felt you did alot better on this one, then the last one. chin up. If you are not stuck to a specific area and willing to travel, which it sounded like you were not.. DE's come and go, just keep your resumes out in circulation. Something else will come up.


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                      Hello Jgood,

                      Sorry you weren't hired, and I wish you the best for the next time?

                      Any other hot prospects, or warm ones?


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                        Just keep at it. My first official interview went really well, and I do mean really well. Kinda nice when the SE you interviewed with remembers you a year later when you see him, and your find out he called a friend in another council to get your records to interview you. Also gave me some very good advice too in regards to my bosses.

                        I too didn't know why I was not hired, but was told a little about the other applicant during the process. We went through PDL-1 together, and found out that he grew up in the council and knew. He had an 8 year hiatus as he went to college and did 4 years in the Army, so he didn't have some problems that folks who grew up in the council they work have.


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                          Im willing to go almost anywhere for the job there arent any openings here and ive tried several states so far.

                          I had talked to two other councils one was interested but cldnt view my papers. Then said the hiring was being pushed back. The other one I havent gotten to talk with the scout exec because he has been running their summer camp.


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                            WE just had a DE give his 2 week notice. Check out West Central Florida Council #089.


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                              j good

                              Just a thought, after reading your posts here you come off sounding a little too desperate for the job. If you are reflecting the same thng in your interview that could be a potential problem in getting hired. No boss wants to hire anyone who is way too overzealous or desperately begging for the job. You need to be cool, project yourself as professional, competent, and grounded, and tell them why they would be lucky to have you on staff.

                              Don't give up, just review in your mind what you may have said and did in the last interview that could have cost you the position, and work out some new interview strategy.