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Multi-personality disorder or something

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  • Multi-personality disorder or something

    Eagle69, I see I am not the only one to have (1) the same opinion of Scout IT and (2) the same experience in multi-registration problems.

    A while back, I tried to register for an activity and was told "no" because I did not have the required training. Well, I had just taken that training in anticipation of the activity. I went down to council office personally, and lo and behold, in that training, along with some others, and in some past positions I had held, I had been re-registered (by hands unknown) AND some of my stuff had been credited to other people! Turned out there were FOUR other folks in our mega council with the same first and last name as me! (makes FIVE) And two had the same middle initial (makes THREE)! (I'm the only junior). Took a little time to straighten all that out.

    I am now the only ME with ONE registration number.

    THEREFORE:::: Use only ONE version of your name when registering for things, (ONLY John A. Smith, not J.A.Smith or John Alvin Smith or "Smitty" Smith, or...) and when you have it, use your registration number when appropriate!

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    good advice


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      Just be thankful you aren't the one in charge of registration for the John Smith convention.