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Mesh or storage bags for mess kits

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  • Mesh or storage bags for mess kits

    Where can you buy a 12" X 12" or smaller mesh bag or storage bag for a mess kit?

    My son has an aluminum mess kit it's the interlocking pan/plate/pot/cup ( courtesy of Basementdweller) .

    Thing is, the way he hops, jumps, and slings things around, the lockinmg handle dosn't lock "that" good.

    What he needs is either a mesh or canvas bag to store it in.

    So far, all my searched come up with 12" X 18" at the smallest, and they just get bigger from there.

    Thanks! Mark

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    Why not just sew one? Take a piece of cloth and fold the top edge over about half an inch. Sew along the edge to provide the channel for the drawstring. Fold the cloth over. Stitch the bottom & the open side. Insert a piece of cord for the drawstring. Turn the sack inside out and you're done.


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      We seem to end up with some mesh bags from apples, onions and oranges at the grocery store, so check there for a premade bag. you may have to make the top drawstring part yourself(weave a string in and out of the mesh and you are all set). we also got some mesh bags with like toys or rain jackets in them and those have also been repurposed.

      as for sewing your own bag, if you end up with scout zip off legs in your troop that don't have a mate, they can be sewed to make bags about the size you want. or the legs of jeans work out to about those dimensions.


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        Oval, mesh, lingerie bag from Sears -

        9" x 10" x 5" for $3.00

        You can also take a 12" x 18", and cut/hem off the bottom to the length you want.


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          I don't know about that sewing thing......

          I can sew on a patch and I can sew on a button. I can even fix minor places where seams come unraveled, but sewing an entire sleeve for a drawstring?

          WEll, not saying i can't sew it, but issues of durability come to mind!


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            I just use a regular mesh bag and band the top to make it tight enough.


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              There is this new-fangled invention that just might help.

              It is called the sewing machine!

              Fold up the excess portion from the bottom. Iron (another new-fangled invention!) it flat. Run it thru the sewing machine a couple of times (top/middle/bottom of fold).

              There you go! A newly shortened mesh bag.


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                Sewing 101

                Basic back stitch:

                G F E D C B A

                Poke the needle in at A, come out at C.
                Poke the needle in at B, come out at D.
                Poke the needle in at C, come out at E.

                Just keep doing this until you run out of cloth.

                Making a cinch bag.

                2 squares of cloth any size you want that are 1" too wide and 3" too long.

                Sew the sides and bottom with the back stitch 1/2" in from the edge.

                Fold down the open end 1" and back stich all the way around, except for 1". Stick a shoe lace into the sleeve, pull through with coat hanger, safety pin, or crochet hook. Turn inside out and you're done.

                If you use canvas cloth you have a storage bag, if you use mesh material, you have a mesh bag. The instructions for sewing are the same. If you use the mesh material, you can just dip the whole thing in boiling water when you're done cleaning it and hang in a tree to dry.

                A little more adventurous? take a piece of cloth fold in 1/2" on three sides iron down and sew on the outside of the bag for the utinsels. Sew a snap on the open end for a quick opening.

                For the real venturous, sew 1" wide "belt loops" on the bag. run a nylon belt through it or use a rope, and turn it into a compression sack.

                With the simple back stitch, heck, you could sew a whole tent. (if you had enough time on your hands. )



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                  our dollar tree has a bunch of sizes of mesh bags. but can't say if they are high or low quality. for the price it's probably hard to beat.


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                    You know when you are a die-hard scout when you pay $7 at Walmart for 20 Tennis balls so you can have a cool black mesh bag they came in for your mess kit, 12x14" Perfect....

                    I did use the tennis balls for Troop leader training.