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So what do you do with your Cubs on a campout?

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    No direction will yield chaos. Instead, provide direction but no organization or meddling. Get them started on something, but don't interfere unless it is matter of safety. Example, bring the cubs to a creek show them how to look for crayfish and let them have fun. A campout isn't a time to "do requirements". Instead, do fun stuff and later, (car ride home) or next den meeting when discussing the fun bring up the fact requirements were met and have the cubs look at other badges and think of fun things they can do which will meet those requirements for the next campout. Scouting should be fun, and requirements are met by having fun. Once we sit them down and have them open a book, they aren't scouting, they are in school again.


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      When I was CM, our camping was family oriented so every cub had a responsible adult partner close by, if not involved directly in the activity. We went canoeing, swimming, splashing in streams, quests to catch frogs and turtles and snakes, hikes to the top of the mountain. We had campfire contests for the most perfect toasted marshmallow, we did games like man-in-the-moon or crossed-sticks. We had crab soccer races, flew kites (wind needed), went fishing (and sometimes caught dinner). We had family dinner competitions to see who could cook the best over a campfire (we actually had campfires). In the evenings if it was clear we watched for meteors or tried to name constellations and made up stories to tell each other. And then slept really well. Like I've written like a broken record in the past, I loved the cubs. They are far better than boy scouts IMHO.


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        Originally posted by packsaddle View Post
        .... I loved the cubs. They are far better than boy scouts IMHO.
        Interesting. Seems like the majority of folks seem to think just the opposite. I must admit to thinking that it seems like Scouts will be more fun as a Scouter. I sure did as a youth.... seemed like all we did in cubs was arts and crafts.


        • King Ding Dong
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          There are days I really feel like chucking that book in the circular filing cabinet. Bear and Webelos are not so bad, Wolf sucks.

        • packsaddle
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          Yeah, I'm often in the minority opinion. And if arts and crafts is all you did as a cub, I agree. I was also DL for much of that time and what I liked about the little guys was the completely open sense of wonder and adventure that they expressed with almost everything we did. We did a lake shore cleanup and I cut my hand on some broken glass. So they all got to help with first aid. Later, when the stitches were ready to be pulled, we had contests to see who would get to pull some of them. Those little guys were 100% into everything they did. It was all good all new. At those ages they still WANT to learn and then experience joy when they do.

        • dedkad
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          KDD, I really hated Wolf too. It's just too much book work for boys that aren't ready to sit down at that age. They really need to have a better transition from Tiger.

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        Originally posted by dedkad View Post
        I did a campout with my Webelos last spring, and they had a wonderful time. Unfortunately, they had too much of a wonderful time playing and enjoying the camping and I was unable to really get them focused to just sit down for a little bit to go over some requirements. I'd really like to knock out a few requirements with the boys during our next campout, but I don't want a repeat of our last campout where it was like pulling teeth to get them to even pay attention. Is it too much to expect them to sit still while camping? Should I just focus on a few fun outdoor requirements and save the book work for a den meeting?
        Why in the world would you waste camp time with bookwork? It is too much to expect them to sit still while camping, except for safety briefings. Have fun on campouts. That's the time to teach woodcraft skills, and let the boys run around the woods with sticks.