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So what do you do with your Cubs on a campout?

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.... I loved the cubs. They are far better than boy scouts IMHO.


Interesting. Seems like the majority of folks seem to think just the opposite. I must admit to thinking that it seems like Scouts will be more fun as a Scouter. I sure did as a youth.... seemed like all we did in cubs was arts and crafts.


KDD, I really hated Wolf too. It's just too much book work for boys that aren't ready to sit down at that age. They really need to have a better transition from Tiger.
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"Unfortunately, they had too much of a wonderful time playing and enjoying the camping and I was unable to really get them focused to just sit down for a little bit to go over some requirements."  

Build a shelter out of a tarp. Show them why its important to know their two-half hitches and taut-lines. Making a competition out of things with a reward helps to keep them focus.

Maybe the winners get to lead the Webelos-Only hike.


Tree Identification is another thing to work on.


For second year Webs, look at the outdoor requirements for Tenderfoot and Second Class that are age appropriate, find fun games that can support that knowledge.

I've seen so many Webs, not knowing the scout oath and law, not being able to tie the entire 3 knots they have to learn in cub scouts, not recollecting what the significance of the items on the first class badge. I guess to heck with actually learning the things you should have for AOL.


Once is enough for requirements, but I think a lad who has earned his AOL should be able to show he knows something more that the lad who walks in with no cub experience.


If a kid crosses over, and can't do the fundamentals, have they really learned anything? Something a little better than just a square knot I hope.

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Cub camp is fun & games. And food. Cubs need lots of food. Books at camp?


Now there is 2 types:

- first Cup Camp, 1-2 nights in a small group

hikes and outdoor games, we did "river crossings" (big streams) because the lil ones enjoy getting their feet wet for some reason.

Never go hiking without duct tape!

Learn how to set up a tent (for the advanced with blindfold), make a fire, knots, basic toten chit, basic cooking by cubs (or they need to help lots),

camped next to a farm once so they got a tour, lots of nature and more bush walks and games and ... food ;-)

In the evening its enough to toss a glow stick or one for each patrol to them and the cubs figure out their own game (touch football, capture the flag..)

Watching stars (at BSA camp once we put the scouts on bleachers and waited for the International Space Station ISS to zoom past), night hikes, ...

fire circles with songs and stories and each scout had to say something as well (hard for the shy ones), I saw little skits in NZS - maybe more a BSA thing.

Scouts own on Sundays


-Group Camp (summer camp) 2 nights with all-group (cubs/scouts/venturers)

of course the benefit is that the older scouts can bear more responsibilites

with more people, more adults its also easier to make a big program

we always have a theme and on the 2nd night for campfire everybody,

including adults, have to dress up (pirates, knights, movies, superheroes ...)

we have a nice obstacle course patrol competition

(council camp has a big parcours, flying fox, full scale rappeling tower, pool, mess)

archery/softair/bb guns or even 22s/22 magnum depending on site (non council :-P ), availability of adults etc.,

fishing for eels (and then cooking them in foil in the fire)

tubing in mountain streams, swimming,

we carted out a generator, pump, bouncy castle and slide and pumped water over the slide into the stream (all ages love that)


If you can imagine it you can probably do it :-D






come on guys - scouts should know how to adapt to local rules, regulations, vegetation and foods ;-)

I dont think I have seen an eel in Berlin, but around where the army "base"/cub camp and scout hut where there is wild mufflons/sheep.

In Berlin we built Igloos but we get snow every year, in Wellington they had about 5 cm of snow in the past 30 years so no Klondike Derby there ...

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