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The Journey and Fun

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On the way to work I was thinking about the comment that I must not have too much fun and that I was hard on myself because I like to drive the speed limit, and in general follow the rules. Actually looking around at other drivers this AM, I seemed to be having more fun. They all had rather tense looks on their face, and many of them were probably already working as they were on their cell phones. Many of them were driving very fast only to have me catch up at the stop light. The other drivers really did not appear to be having that much "fun" just because they were speeding and on their cell phones. These people seemed more focused on the destination than on the journey.


Me on the other hand, drove the speed limit (45 in this case), listened to music on my XM radio, and pretty much took in the scenery around me including smiling at some of the other drivers at the stop signs. Nobody really smiles back. If my cell phone rings, I do not answer it but wait until I get to the office. Nothing is so important that it can't wait 20 minutes or so, or even all day if I am on a long trip. I actually enjoy these little trips, and live in the moment. Others do not appear to be doing so.


With regard to the Scout program for me it is about having fun on the journey. I do not wear knots I did not earn because I do not care about the knot too much. If I happen to earn an award I will wear the knot proudly to be an outward sign of how much I enjoy the journey. As an example, I am a ADC for my district. I do my job and enjoy the job while I do it. It just so happens that while doing my job I earned the Arrowhead honor. I wasn't really trying to earn this award, but did so in the course of my journey. It was not too hard to submit the paperwork and receive the award. I will now wear it to help remember the fun I had on the way.


I do not see any fun whatsoever in wearing any badge or knot that I did not earn. Some may, but I guess I am wired differently. I want the badges to remind me of what I have done to earn them. This is why I am not into patch trading (even as a youth). I want to look through my patch box with my son, and be able to say, I remember that camp-out. I had a really good time with my friends.


Other people can really do what they want, and I do not care too much. If I am asked a question, I will try to steer them in what I believe to be the right direction. I guess sometimes this is seen as being a "uniform cop" or some such other derogatory term. I don't think so. I just think I am answering their question. I do tend to have a matter of fact style, and can be rather blunt sometimes, but I do not "bury my head in the sand" and I confront problems when they occur. Because of my real job, I am a pretty good mediator, and can usually find common ground in a dispute. This trait has served me well in my commissioner role.


The Scouter who said that I do not seem to have fun really gave me the opportunity to look at myself, and to say after doing so that I respectfully disagree with him.


Life is a journey and the awards and patches we wear should be mile posts on that journey. Why wear something that indicates a journey one did not take? I have never sought out awards (except Eagle-that one had to be planned for), but they seem to come because I live my life in the moment and strive to do my best to help others and do my daily good turn. What is wrong with that?

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Ever notice the fine folks who - the very moment the traffic light turns green - are blaring their horns to get everybody else moving?


Those same fine folks have 20 stress lines on their forhead, and probably drank 3 cups of coffee already and are about 2 seconds from a coronary.



I have noticd though, as I get older, that I will look down and see myself driving slower than the posted speed limit. Not in a hurry, enjoying the ride, window down and enjoying the breeze radio not on, I don't even use my AC anymore.


Son can't understand it to save his life. :)

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