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help with merit badge requirement

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I need help with backpacking merit badge requirement 2 B 10 ways to limit weight and bulk in pack.

I found these but can't find others

1. partner shares load.

2. jacket or sweater in stead carrying pillow

3. small pots inside large ones

4. repack food in resealable plastic bags.

These answers for this merit badge are harder for me to answer. Someone with merit badge book can help with this one. Or already has do this merit badge.

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Try these ideas to get started:


1)Share equipment!

2)Lightweight choices

>Lightweight pots

>Lightweight sleeping bag

>3/4 length sleeping pad vs. full length


3)Purify water vs. carrying it

4)Dehydrated food vs. fresh or canned, & repackage it

5)Tents: Aluminum vs. fiberglass poles, lightweight tent stakes

6)Small Plastic flashlight vs. heavy/large metal one

7)Leave toys & electronics at home. Cards, etc., are a better choice

8)Foam pad vs. air bed or cot

9)Reduce clothing quantities (One change of lightweight pants, one spare shirt, changes of socks, one change of underwear)

10)Jacket/coat selection & double as pillow

11)Shoeswear your boots, have a lightweight pair of camp shoes along

12)Limit size of pocketknife (i.e. small one vs. heavy multi-tool for each)


Good Luck! Ma Scout


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Yah, I'll add:



*Cut off/remove unnecessary parts (ex. half of toothbrush handle).

*Take only what you will need - repackage or squeeze out extra toothpaste, minimal or no soap, just enough sunscreen/bug repellent to get by, minimize excess fuel, etc.

*No food with water content - dehydrate.

*Plastic pop bottles instead of Nalgene.

*Tent fly only instead of full tent if in no-bug area.

*Clothing layers, but no "changes" of clothing other than socks, 1 pair shorts/undies. Rinse/wash on trip if needed.

*Iodine, not filter.

*Repackage all food.

*Substitute something multi-purpose for two or more items

*Sleep in your layers and bring a lighter weight sleeping bag.



* Fill up everything. Put food in pots, put items inside cup.

* Use compression sacks for sleeping bag, clothing layers.

* "Stuff" rather than "fold/roll", and keep things small. Marbles fill a bucket better than baseballs; small & soft items fill a pack better than large and hard ones.

* Pack tent, poles & fly separately. Stuff them around things.


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