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  1. I need help with backpacking merit badge requirement 2 B 10 ways to limit weight and bulk in pack. I found these but can't find others 1. partner shares load. 2. jacket or sweater in stead carrying pillow 3. small pots inside large ones 4. repack food in resealable plastic bags. These answers for this merit badge are harder for me to answer. Someone with merit badge book can help with this one. Or already has do this merit badge.
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    I am still having problems with Backpacking merit badge 7B-How do you prepare and deal with human and environmental hazards my occur on trek. I thought I had the right answer but my scout master said no. He thinks some of it is in the no trace princples. I am still confused. Can some scout who has do this one already help me with the answer. May be someone who has the merit badge book.
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    I need help with requirement 7B backpacking merit badge. I really can't find the answer.