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"First Class First Year: A Program and Tools" Update Available?

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While doing some web research on New Scout Patrols, I came across this great document called "First Class First Year: A Program and Tools" that provides schedules, class outlines, games and ideas for the first year. However, it appears to have been written in 1995 and does not match current rank requirements.


I was wondering if anyone has seen an updated version of the document. The version currently out there can be found at:





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Welcome to the campfire! I am familar with this document and our troop is looking at utilizing it in some form or fashion this next year to help us take an organized approach with our new scouts. We had 24 new scouts in 2006 and it looks like we could have that many again this year. As one of the three ASM's who work with new scouts in our troop, it was quite a chore trying to keep up with who did what when and keeping it all straight. We will use it more as a guide than anything else. We had two patrols of new boys and each patrol had two Troop Guides. We will continue to have the new boys learn under their Troop Guides and other scouts we will utilize for specific things, but at least this will give us the ability to have a structured and planned approach.


To my knowledge, the document has not been updated. It is still usable though.

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Longhaul, Thanks for the update. I am a new unit comissioner for a troop and pack (Retiring Cubmaster). I was looking for a "how-to" guide for my young leaders. We have a long way to go in our troop, but we are making headway. Thanks again for the help.

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