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In case you haven't heard, there are two new scout handbooks that will be arriving at your Council Service Center soon.


A Patrol Leader's Handbook and a Senior Patrol Leader's Handbook can now be ordered. I am not sure how soon they will arrive but they now appear on the supply order form for your scout shop.


I'm sure they will supply the basis for several new threads once we all get a look at them.


Please be open to any new methods or ideas. Remember there is only ONE American Scouting Movement, and that's today's.


Side note;(and I apologize for name dropping) I have had the opportunity on a couple of occassions to lunch with 'Green Bar' Bill Hillcourt. At one of the lunches a scout leader started to say something about the scouting organization. Bill cut him off and said "movement, not organization!". the leader looked baffled. "We are a movement, always growing, always learning more about young people, always moving forward". he finished with "If you are looking for organization you joined the wrong club"! Everyone who had been around for a few years knew exactly what he meant and had a great laugh with him.


Bob White

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Don't apologize for having had the opportunity to spend time in the same room with Bill Hillcourt! If anything, recounting the experience allows the rest of us to experience it, too.


I count my blessings every day, but one thing about the rest of you I'm envious of is that we're so far off the beaten path, we get few opportunities to see the leaders of the movement (see, I didn't say "organization"). I'm going to our District Dinner in Seoul tomorrow night, and will meet out Council Executive for the first time...we're in two different countries; they call it "the tyrrany of distance".


I for one can't wait to see the SPL's handbook. I hope it does justice to the truly amazing responsibilities an SPL has in a Scout-run troop...

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Bob -

I had the pleasure of hearing Grenn Bar Bill speak at our Council's annual banquet a number of years ago. What a fascinating man. He had to be in his late 80's at the time and regaled us with stories for over an hour, and we were hoping for more. Also, it was mid January in Illinois, and he was the only one in SHORTS!!




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