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Did Mr Mazzuca(sp?) really ride the rope?

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"Tab goes to the scouts" Huh? Maybe we need to bring in a newly former HP CEO to speak about "It Happened to Me".


So should an third party audit of Jamboree expense reports be done? Or did Scout professionals learn from the Orange County Council partying of 3 years ago? http://www.ocregister.com/articles/baron-68925-council-orange.html


Why would Scouting professionals need to leave Jambo (the 100th Jambo!) to party, eat, sleep,...? Or did I misunderstand?





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That wasn't Mazzuca who went down. My DE was backstage at the show and snapped some photos, one was of the guy who actually rappeled down the tower.


As for pros partying pretty hard, yeah, I can attest to that. The past three DEs we've had have been some pretty fun guys.

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