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Fredericksburg Memorabilia Events

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I discovered today that there apparently are two different memorabilia events scheduled during the jamboree at hotels in Fredericksburg. It appears, from the descriptions, that they will likely have a lot of things of interest historically.


Does anyone know if it is something we could visit while working on staff? If there is a way, I certainly would be interested in perusing them.


I am a paper and ephemera guy, so these are the places often to see some unusual items.



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From what I understand these are primarily sales events. That doesn't mean they won't make interesting looking. There are some really major sellers of Scouting memorabilia scheduled to be at these.


From what little I know of staffing - this is my first time - you can go wherever you want on your day off or whatever time off you have. I'm sure other staffers will be going into Fredericksburg during the Jambo (those who have cars stored where they can access them). According to the ad in the ISCA Journal, the one at the Eagles Lodge will be open Friday, July 23d, from 3 p.m. until 1 a.m. Other days will be noon to 11 p.m., except each Friday and Saturday night until 1 a.m. I don't have any info on the other one, which I believe is at a hotel.


Hope this helps.

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