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Jambo 2010 and the Special Need Scout

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We have a couple special need Scouts in our Council. These Scouts will be over 18 at the time of Jambo, but still considered youth members.

Is 18 National's cutoff for Jambo?

How has Jambo handled the Special Needs Scouts at past Jambo's?

How has your Council handled Special Need Scouts and Jambo?

How has the Scout's age effected his eligibility?


I would hate to see these Scouts(Special Needs Scouts in general,)who usually show more Scout Spirit the most of our teens, be sidelined for such an event because of being 18.

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The cutoff is normally under 18. Special needs scouts who have been determined so for purpose of advancement usually can participate in youth programs.


However, I would recommend you to go the source by calling the National switchboard (972-580-2000) and ask to talk to someone regarding this. Request they mail or FAX you a letter regarding their position. Your council must follow National's guidelines but may not be aware of them.



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I was Chief Physician for our Subcamp in '05, and a 2nd ASM at World Jambo in '07. My pieces of advice on the special needs scout and Jambo are to 1) plan well in advance, and 2) have a heart to heart with the boys in the troop. Remember, these are provisional troops, with boys that do not necessarily know each other well. It is essential that the boys recognize that they are all responsible for each other, and that includes group responsibility for a young man with special needs who should not be made to feel isolated for being different.

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