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Pros & Cons of going to Jambo w/troop or as Staff

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My son was too young for the last Jambo, so the 2010 Jambo will have to be "it" for him.

I have heard of great things for those who can afford to go with a Council troop, but also great things for those who go as youth staff (16 & above). I am wondering about which way will be best.

My son has talked to a few youth staff who worked at the Venturing "mine" and a few who were at other exhibits. He also has talked with a fwe scouts from his troop who went to 2005 with a Council troop. He is leaning towards going as staff (at least applying for it). Aside from the cost diffrences (huge) and no touring (be there, done that). What are the pros & cons of each? FYI, we would be traveling from the Northwest.

BTW, I am considering on applying for staff also, any tips, insights?


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First off, if you are considering going on staff for the first time, I recommend you get on one of the various email lists aimed at such. This can be a great source of information for the newbie. I've been to several National Jamborees, and always found such lists of value. There is one over on Yahoo Groups that should be good.


I can't speak of the pros and cons of going as youth staff vs. going as part of a troop contingent. I personally would lean toward the troop contingent, especially if he's never gone to Jamboree.


Yes, going with the contingent will be more expensive, and he may not be excited about the touring, BUT he will get the FULL Jamboree experience which as a youth staff he won't really get. As a staffer he will get time off. How much will depend on the job he has. At a minimum he will get 2 days off. Whether that's full days or half will depend. As a staffer he WON'T be able to participate in the various activities areas. Those are for the participants. He will be able to take in the exhibit area, Environmental & Conservation area, the shows and more. There may be some special things for the youth staff that would make that attractive (only been adult staff, so can't say), but those are things to keep in mind. If he had already been a youth participant and wanted to go back as a youth staff, I'd say go for it, but would recommend not missing the chance to go as a participant.


FWIW, I went as a youth participant in 1981, and returned as an adult staffer in 1989, 1993, 2001, and 2005, and plan to again return in 2010.

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OJ, went as a youth in 2001.

He had a great time.

He went back in 2005 as a Youth Staff member.

Again he had a great time.

But he was kinda fortunate. He worked in Action Center D.

The fellow in charge of Action Center D is from our Council and he recruited a lot of people from our Council to work in that area. So of course OJ was with a lot of people whom he'd known for a very long time.

I was also there, so when he had a day off he choose to hang out with me and at night when he found himself with nothing to do he could visit the two Troops from our Council and shoot the breeze.

Heck one day he even got me to buy him lunch at the Trading Post!!


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I worked Youth Staff in 2005. Greatest thing I've ever done! I was there and I only sort of knew one person when I arrived. Here we are two and a half years later and I still keep in contact with a few of them.


If you or your son wants to ask anyting specific captainron, shoot me a PM and I'll send you my email..

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Sure was, and unlike OJ, I was WAAAAAAAAAAAY out of my council area! Like I said, I knew only the director and that was only on meritbadge.net! But I loved it, and hopefully I get to return in 2010 to hang around with Action Center D Rappelling once again! :)

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I know.

The rope dope is busy recruiting already.

Have you joined the Yahoo group yet?

I was really pleased to be able to meet you and Bob White on the Hill.

I'm not sure if Gary will be back, he retired from teaching this past year, maybe him and the dope are busy working on their knitting?? Now that they are both unemployed?


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