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Yes the countdown has begun!!

Boy how time flies, it doesn't seem that long ago that we were in the hundreds of days.

I dug out the footlocker yesterday and started sorting things out.

The Emergency Preparedness Awards arrived in the mail on Monday.

Having the National Newsletter on the Jamboree site was a big help this time, in 2001 it seemed by the time we got them, every deadline had been and gone.

The Scouts in Troop 412 are excited and can't wait.

There is a very remote possibility that I might not make it. I'm hoping and praying that I do!! But really my part is about done. I hope that we have brought 36 Scouts and 4 leaders from different Troops together and developed them into being one Troop.

I think that they are a great bunch. I know that they are going to have the time of their lives.

If I do get to go I will have to be on my best behaviour, it seems that I know just about everyone who is serving on the Sub-camp staff, even the Chaplin was the SPL on NE-IV-153. He just recently got his doctorate and I have been teasing him about it. The Sub-camp Chief serves on the Area Committee with me and Action Center D has the Area President as the person in charge. OJ will now be working in the COPE area, my best friend is working with the bikes.

Our good friend Hops will be on the Tower with Wagionvigil in Action Center D.

I'm very much looking forward to meeting as many Scouter.com people as possible.

(22 days 15 hours and 14 minutes)


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I leave in 10 days and I thought I was being compulsive by starting to pack. I have a few things in a duffle - like making sure my sleeping bag will fit! I do have a list made of things I don't want to forget. Cya there!

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Our troop is going camping this weekend (Thur - Sun) so we had a "mini" Jambo meeting last night because we will miss our contingent troop's last meeting on Sunday. I'm geeked.


P.S. Council has already started to push the World Jamboree. Any idea what the Central Region "gateway" city is (or will be?).


Stop by Subcamp 12, Troop 1230 and ask for acco40!

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