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Just saw a cool picture of troop wagon that was painted for Troop 4, The article said that this troop was the longest continues chartered. Our troop was chartered in 1934, and we have been chartered by the same CO since them, wondering how long have others been chartered and is 78 yrs by same CO a record?



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Wikipedia gives some possibilities:


Troop 5, Denver holds claim to be the oldest continually chartered Boy Scout troop in the United States having been chartered continuously since 1910.[29]

Troop 39, Chapel Hill, North Carolina is also one of the oldest currently active and continually chartered Boy Scout troop in the USA. It was organized in the Fall of 1911 and chartered as Troop 1 in March 1912 by C. Walton Johnson, the original Scoutmaster. Troop 1 became Troop 5 when it was placed in the Cherokee Council in the 1920s and became Troop 39 when it joined the Occoneechee Council in 1937. The troop has been continually chartered since 1912.[30]

Troop 1, Park Ridge, Illinois was formed in 1910 and chartered on June 22, 1912. Charles Morison Dickenson was the first scoutmaster from 1912 to 1914.[31] Troop 1 has been continuously chartered by United Methodist Church in Park Ridge since its inception.[32]


See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oldest_Scout_Groups

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