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Starting backpacking in a troop of young scouts

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"I'm looking for Poop School patches if anyone knows of some pre-existing badges with a possible double meaning...."


I did find the Toilet Clogging Merit Badge from the Boy Scout Store -- a memorabilia dealer



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Continental divide trail, Pacific coast trail, Benton Mackaye Trail, Red River gorge, Chellowee Trace.....Most states have some sort of backpacking trail system....Many of these trails don't have campsites or provide guaranteed potable water....The trails aren't manicured, no bridges over the creeks, you need to scramble over downed trees, most have no kybos, No trash drop off, and are not over utilized. No planned menu or food pickups.... But then again, it takes a knowledgeable, motivated leader to make it happen irregardless of what the PLC wants.....It is much easier to fork over typically $1000 with transportation.


Like I said not doggin Philmont...I have been and enjoyed it.....


Your provided food, your provided water, your provided activities.....People everywhere....It is a scout experience.....


You want a real backpack trip MOAB......I have not been but the pictures I have seen are simply incredible.





TA what you said is true....there are rock trails and some pretty decent vertical changes....But rare is the group that climbs baldy with a full pack.....


Eagle.....go and enjoy your adventure, takes lots of pics.....I still and would always feel that every scout should go and experience Philmont, more so than any jamboree. I have no idea your skills, experience or expectations.... It was not my intent to insult you.......


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Just wondering why Philmont wasn't real backpacking. I went as a youth 40 years ago and I recall it being a great backpacking trip, even with external frame packs and heavy tents. I know things have changed some but for boys today it might be the only chance at a long distance backpacking trip.


If you mean by real backpacking a trip planned and provisioned by the scouts then I would agree that Philmont is not that. But what Philmont does (or can do, depending on the crew) is to get the crew out actually planning and doing their own trips as shake downs. We are planning at least 10 shake downs from over nighters to a 5 days/4 night final shake down on the AT's Roller Coaster in VA, known for it's 13 consecutive steep ups and downs. The crew will have the opportunity to earn Hiking and Backpacking MB and the BSA 50 Miler. Not bad for a bunch of kids that for most, up until now, didn't even liked backpacking.


As far as my skills and experiences, of the trails you mention I have only hiked some of the BMT. I have hiked over 3,000 miles of the AT including last years thru-hike from Georgia to Maine. Buy the way, the entire 5 months was done in trail runners.

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