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AHG: A Thread for Discussing the Program

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I'm really not going to respond to trolling on here. Obviously you have made up your mind that there is something evil and untoward going on, so I really don't see any need to answer your questions BadenP. If you truely have an interest, then contact a unit close to you or AHG nationals. I'm sure they will be able to help you.


As for Shortridge's questions, I'll give you what I believe their answers will be and look forward to hearing what you get back.


1. Why is the Girls Handbook only available to registered members?

Truely can't answer that.


2. Why is the Leaders' section of your site only accessible to registered leaders?

Best guess, it's for leaders? I think there is some advancement ordering, etc that is behind it that they restrict.


3. Where can I find a list of the badge and level award requirements without having to purchase your program materials, to help me evaluate the program content and quality?

Any local unit would be happy to show you a handbook which contains all of that information. I could answer something specific but not about to post 100 pages here ;)


4. What training do you provide for adult leaders, particularly on outdoors, safety and youth-protection topics?

Outdoors, none really. BSA training is available to AHG leaders. They have their own youth protection guidlines.


5. What resources does AHG provide to girls to help them learn about the badge topics?

Minimal except for what is in the book. Leaders are expected to find knowlegable people.


6. What summer camp programs does AHG operate independently of other youth organizations?

AHG operates a nation summer camp in the Cincinatti area. Some other more developed area offer their own, such as the Louisville area. To my knowledge all are offered at BSA camps using a mix of BSA and AHG leadership.


7. Does AHG permit legal residents of the United States to become volunteers? Your website until recently included statements to the effect that only citizens were allowed to volunteer, and some volunteer forms remain available on the web that state that as well. I'm thus confused about AHG's policy on this topic, and why a ban on non-citizens volunteering was ever in effect in the first place.

I believe this restriction is only on Unit Leaders and Treasurers.



8. Would my daughter, who is Jewish, be allowed to join an AHG troop without being proselytized to by the leader or other volunteers? Your website says that all girls are allowed to join, but also that adults must adhere to a Christian statement of faith, which creates a bit of a contradiction. What are local leaders instructed to do when non-Christian members want to join their troop? Are there ever explicitly Christian prayers offered at troop meetings or AHG events? Does AHG partner with non-Christian faiths to allow girls of other faiths to earn their religious awards, or are only Christian religious awards recognized?


Interesting question. Yes she could join, but she should expect the unit to be inherently Christian. I wouldn't expect unit leaders to proselytize to her, but it could definitely happen. AHG units do offer Christian prayers at meetings and events events, but then so does our Pack & Troop. I do not believe that AHG partners with any other faiths.



9. Which is AHG first and foremost - a girls' scouting organization, or a Christian ministry?


I believe that they will say that AHG is a Christian ministry, although their goal is to develop faith in their members not to convert.



I look forward to you posting what you hear from them.

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Seattle, you will see this in that many high risk activities are restricted or require additional support. For example to go canoeing is considered high risk. It must get approval from the unit leader as well as the charter organization representative. Additionally, a "tour plan" must be submitted to AHG National with these signatures. There also must be a certified lifeguard on the trip.


Generally you will find that high risk activities have more restrictions and requirements.

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Thanks for the responses, but I'd prefer to wait for Shortridge's answers from AHG. No sense in debating about things if we're starting with misinterpretations or just opinions.

I AM willing to hold my breath. AHG has nothing to hide, and I'm sure they'd be happy to put out fires if misinformation.


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