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Welcome to the forums and as for a Committee Chair (CC)... be organized, be detailed, keep a copy of EVERYTHING you ever submit to district or council and know that not everyone is going to like the decisions you and the committee have to make.


Act in the best interest of the unit at all times, and if you must take a side, side with your Scoutmaster and senoir (most time in the Troop) committee members... they run the unit.


Your relationship with the Scoutmaster will either build or break the unit, so talk / discuss often with an open mind and reach concensus before either of you puts info out to the field and you'll do fine service to your unit. If at any time, you have a miscommunication / misunderstanding - speak directly with the person involved (especially if the person is the SM or ASM).


A little frank and open discussion goes a LONG way to avoiding cliques in leadership circles.


Best of luck and have fun :)

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Welcome! Thanks for stepping up and helping make kids lives better through the Scouting Program. Keep that Scoutmaster on task! LOL If you want advice you will get LOTS of it here. You will see that there is more than one way to solve any problem you come across and lots of ideas to help make the program for the boys fun. Best of luck!

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I have been the CC of our Troop for over a year and served as the Pack CC as well.


Get ready for every emotion you can imagine. Take everything in stride and just remember it is about the boys!


Dean is right on target with his advice. I would add that if you are new to leadership find someone that can give you advice (inside or outside the unit).


Remeber to have fun!

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Make sure you read all the how do we fire our CC threads to see if anyone from your unit is posting here :)


Truly though, those threads can help you by showing how small problems eventually turn into big ones if handled incorrectly, and by doing so help you avoid any landmines.


Best wishes on a difficult job!



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