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The message behind Jambo 2013 advertising

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"My boy was turned off by (a) lack of uniforms and (b) girl in the ad." - Tampa Turtle


The girl in the ad is most likely representative of the fact that this is the first Jambo open to Venturers (co-ed).


I agree though, the lack of uniforms is also displeasing.

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My older (~16yo+) scouts and their parents listened to the council Jambo pitch $2k plus another uniform plus... and figured their money could be better spent


a local adventure trek $500-$600 or $0 get a summer job instead :)

40hr drivers ed $850

Driver license $30

SAT test, subject tests $50-200

6 college applications $300-450


$1230(no trek) - $1730(min) - $2130(max) per scout


Seems once the total activity cost is above $800 (two weeks local scout camp?), family economic reality takes over. Maybe it would be an easier sell with 13-14 year olds, but that group wanted merit badge summer camp :(

Their $0.02,(This message has been edited by RememberSchiff)

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