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ATV, PWC Become Authorized Council-Level Programs

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I'd rather this approach be applied to a sail training program than PWC's. I could envision a program that would involve three days of on the water instruction in 25 - 30 foot sailboats, capped by an overnight cruise on their own. Not too much different than what many charter companies do.


Yah, here too I agree with scoutingagain and packsaddle.


There's somethin' about unpowered wilderness travel, whether it's foot, paddle, sail, or ski, that it just seems to me has a merit beyond what da powered operations have. Maybe I'm one of those wilderness snobs. I just think havin' to work with and adapt to the environment contains more lessons than just powerin' through it. Both have merit, so I don't like to see restrictions on either, and I think it's fine for boys to be given opportunities to learn both. But given a choice, I'd just prefer scouts to pursue non-powered or human-powered activities. They're young and strong and adaptable, and I think it just teaches deeper lessons.


If yeh ever travel internationally, you'll find that da sea scouts of various maritime countries run programs very much like what scoutingagain describes. Youth go out sailing on open waters, even youth who are quite young. Older youth have keys to the kingdom, and do everything from operate chase boats to instruct to the ability to go out on their own on group equipment.



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