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Curiosity: How large/small is your district & Council?

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8 Councils in NJ


Driving across NJ takes about an hour on interstate 80 passing through three councils


Driving north to South on the Parkway is about 4 hours not sure of how many councils you definitely pass through on this route.


My council (Patriots' Path) is probably an hour and change end to end, but the north west portion of the state has fewer highways and lower limits...


My District (Fishawack) is an odd shape so east to west in one area is maybe 10 minutes and 30 in another and north south 25 minutes to 30 is about right. 24 towns.








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My District covers most of two counties, Farthest units are about an hour and half apart. My council spans from the Canadian border on the north, Oregon border on the south, crest of the Cascades on the west and three counties wide in places. North to south is about a 5 hour drive, and east to west about two hours.

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In terms of numbers, we're not all that big. We serve 9000+ youth. However, in terms of land area we are HUGE as these youth are spread out over parts of 22 counties in 4 states with a total area of over 60,000 square miles. One end of the council to the other is a six hour drive.

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Council covers 2 counties - San Diego and Imperial.


11 Districts


As of our 2010 Annual Report:

25,960 Youths

8,080 Adults


Cub Scouts 11,589

Boy Scouts 6,677

Venturers 1,276

Exploring 1,661

Total Youth Members 21,203

Learning For Life Membership

LFL High School 1,400

LFL Jr. High 1,535

LFL Elementary 1,822

Total Youth Participants 4,757


I can't find how many Troops and Packs in our District but it's more than 20 each.


Council Headquarters is in San Diego City so those that live up north have a drive. It could take 45 minutes to get there or 2 hours depending on traffic.



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